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    Columbia Using Rain Barrels to Promote Green Living

    Posted 4:11 PM 5/29/2013 by Tom Casselman

    COLUMBIA - As summer nears and temperatures rise, the City of Columbia wants to help it's residents live in a more environmentally friendly manner.

    The Department of Public Works is running a program that sells rain barrels for a fraction of their original cost. Mike Heimos, Stormwater (More)

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    8 Goes Green: A Different Green Trangle

    Posted 11:05 PM 5/26/2013 by Jack Wascher

    COLUMBIA - Going green may be easier than you think.  For most people, when they hear the phrase green triangle, the terms reduce, reuse, recycle come to mind. However, the Columbia Climate Change Coalition is taking a different approach on the whole concept.

    According to their (More)

  • 8 Goes Green

    Urban Gardens Help Create Sustainable Community

    Posted 4:05 PM 5/16/2013 by Nichole Cartmell

    COLUMBIA - The Edible Columbia Harvest tour on Saturday will highlight several urban gardens throughout the city. For some of those who manage the gardens at several of the stops the idea is to create a sustainable community.

    According to Adam Saunders of the Columbia Center for Urban (More)

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  • 8 Goes Green

    Green Education Helps Students Make Sustainable Decisions

    Posted 1:36 PM 5/10/2013 by Nichole Cartmell

    COLUMBIA - With concerns like poor water quality, pollution and climate change, everyone from scientists to politicians are trying to find ways to tackle the world's environmental problems. And these days young adults are even receiving the fundamentals to make eco-friendly decisions.

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    Former Ash Street Place Residents May Not Get Belongings Back

    Posted 2:47 PM 4/30/2013 by Kadee Brosseau

    COLUMBIA - Former residents of Ash Street Place apartments have been told some of their belongings will be destroyed due to asbestos contamination on Wednesday.

    A fire on April 9 damaged apartment building 103 and displaced tenants from 66 units. Former (More)

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    Blue Spring Creek Commuity Starts Stream Team

    Posted 9:50 PM 4/11/2013 by Nichole Cartmell

    MILLER COUNTY - Just a little over two months have passed since residents near Blue Spring Creek found out the Department of Natural Resources denied Rocky Mount Sewer District's request for a permit to build a water treatment plant in the area. The community has since recognized the need to take (More)

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    Salted Roads Could Have Negative Affect on Plant Life

    Posted 3:22 PM 2/1/2013 by Danielle Carter

    COLUMBIA - The Missouri Department of Conservation is warning mid-Missourians about the dangers to plant life when using salt and salt compounds to de-ice roads.

    Angela Belden, resource forester for the department, said even though this winter has been mild and not much salt has been (More)

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    A Greener Tree for the Holiday Season

    Posted 9:43 AM 12/15/2012 by Marisa Breese

    COLUMBIA - If you're purchasing a Christmas tree this holiday season, both fake and real trees have benefits, as well as disadvantages. But some experts say choosing a real tree might be the better option when it comes to the environment.

    Artificial trees offer the convenience of already (More)

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    Burning Smarter Can Be Safer

    Posted 4:25 PM 12/13/2012 by Marisa Breese

    COLUMBIA - Smoke from burning wood in a fireplace is inevitable, but the byproduct of fire is actually a significant contributor to air pollution, which also makes it hazardous to your health. But the Environmental Protection Agency says there are ways to decrease your environmental impact and (More)

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    Live Christmas Trees Becoming Less Popular Purchase

    Posted 8:07 PM 12/10/2012 by Karl Roskamp

    COLUMBIA - Finding the perfect trees is like finding a needle in a haystack.

    Not only are they fleeting, but opinions differ on what perfection looks like.  A plump tree for one person is too bushy for another. An eight-foot tree might be great in parents' eyes, but much too high for (More)

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    MU Students Tinker with New 3D Printing Technology

    MU Students Tinker with New 3D Printing Technology

    Posted 1:19 PM 12/6/2012 by Amy Couch

    COLUMBIA - After playing chess one night at Mort's, a few University of Missouri engineering students got the idea to replace the missing pieces with new counterparts. They concocted a new, blue pawn out of plastic by using 3D printing technology.

    "You just have an idea, and with 3D (More)

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    Local Iron Man Leads Missouri's Reduction in Waste

    Posted 6:29 PM 12/3/2012 by Karl Roskamp

    CENTRALIA - Missourians have greatly decreased their waste generation over the past decade.

    In 2001, Missourians waste (More)

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