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    Small Crayfish Can Cause Big Problems

    Posted 11:09 AM 6/27/2013 by Tom Casselman

    COLUMBIA - Crayfish, also know as crawfish or crawdads, are vital to natural water habitats across Missouri due to their versatility in the food web. But state wildlife officials say moving some of those crayfish to other parts of the state where they are not native can upset the balance in (More)

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    Couple with Plug-In Car, Solar Home Living Nearly Power Bill-Free

    Posted 12:29 PM 6/24/2013 by Jack Wascher

    BOONE COUNTY - Using little to no gas to drive to work is a goal people only dream about, but Jeff Scott and Susan Fields have made that dream a reality.

    Scott, a deputy chief at the Boone County Fire Protection District, uses a plug-in Chevy Volt that allows him and his wife to drive (More)

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    8 Goes Green: Columbia Recycling Numbers Flat

    Posted 11:19 AM 6/19/2013 by Tom Casselman

    COLUMBIA - As the city of Columbia grows, properly managing waste is an increasing challenge and necessity. 

    One great way to help manage the amount of trash Columbia produces is to recycle as much as possible. The City of Columbia has an entire department dedicated to managing the (More)

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    8 Goes Green: Green Gadgets Way to Save Money

    Posted 10:52 PM 6/17/2013 by Jack Wascher

    COLUMBIA - Eugene Elkin has lived on a fixed income for about fifteen years, but he's made the most of his situation.

    In 2006, Elkin decided to change his lifestyle, and it all started as he was trying to figure out the time of day.

    "I noticed my kitchen clock, which is electronic. (More)

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    Southwest Missouri Man Accused Of Stealing And Crashing Car

    Southwest Missouri Man Accused Of Stealing And Crashing Car

    Posted 5:35 PM 6/13/2013

    SPRINGFIELD (AP) - A southwest Missouri man is accused of stealing and crashing a Cadillac during a test drive after shoving the owner out of the vehicle.

    KOLR-TV reports ( ) 29-year-old Jason Pettigrew, of Springfield, is charged with tampering, theft and leaving the (More)

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    8 Goes Green: Local Gardeners Grow for Community

    Posted 2:05 PM 6/12/2013 by Tom Casselman

    COLUMBIA - A shared garden is allowing more people to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables grown right in the city.

    At the United4Health Community Garden, Columbia residents can feel free to explore new methods and plants for gardening. It also provides a nutritional boost, as having fresh (More)

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    8 Goes Green: A Garden Everyone Can Use

    Posted 4:48 PM 6/10/2013 by Jack Wascher

    COLUMBIA - Not everyone has the perfect yard to have a traditional garden. But there is still a way to grow fresh vegetables and flowers in very little space--even on pavement.

    Container gardens provide people with a way to not only make up for the lack of room they may have in their yard (More)

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    Housing Organization Leads Way in Energy-Efficient Housing

    Posted 6:57 AM 6/4/2013 by Tom Casselman

    COLUMBIA - Columbia's Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) is making the homes it builds for low-income families as energy efficient as possible.

    CHDO measures its efficiency with a HERS rating. HERS is a computer program that (More)

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    8 Goes Green: New Emission Standards Make Heavy Equipment Cleaner

    Posted 4:06 PM 6/2/2013 by Jack Wascher

    COLUMBIA - Construction companies will now have to meet certain emission standards that should better the environment.

    Currently, the machines that power most construction equipment emit out NOX particles, which is an oxide of nitrogen particles. Essentially, this is what is harmful to the (More)

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    Columbia Using Rain Barrels to Promote Green Living

    Posted 4:11 PM 5/29/2013 by Tom Casselman

    COLUMBIA - As summer nears and temperatures rise, the City of Columbia wants to help it's residents live in a more environmentally friendly manner.

    The Department of Public Works is running a program that sells rain barrels for a fraction of their original cost. Mike Heimos, Stormwater (More)

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    8 Goes Green: A Different Green Trangle

    Posted 11:05 PM 5/26/2013 by Jack Wascher

    COLUMBIA - Going green may be easier than you think.  For most people, when they hear the phrase green triangle, the terms reduce, reuse, recycle come to mind. However, the Columbia Climate Change Coalition is taking a different approach on the whole concept.

    According to their (More)

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    Urban Gardens Help Create Sustainable Community

    Posted 4:05 PM 5/16/2013 by Nichole Cartmell

    COLUMBIA - The Edible Columbia Harvest tour on Saturday will highlight several urban gardens throughout the city. For some of those who manage the gardens at several of the stops the idea is to create a sustainable community.

    According to Adam Saunders of the Columbia Center for Urban (More)

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