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City leaders, GRO Missouri urge new look at power plant contract

Posted 11:45 AM 3/17/2015 by Amanda LaBrot, KOMU 8 Reporter

COLUMBIA - City leaders and GRO Missouri want the city to reevaluate its long-term contract with a major coal burning power plant. 

Columbia signed a 40-year contract with Prairie State Energy Campus, in Marissa, Ill., in 2006 to provide the city with coal- generated energy.  The (More)...


Missouri paddlefish fingerlings still vulnerable

Missouri paddlefish fingerlings still vulnerable

Posted 4:39 PM 3/15/2015 by By Paige Blankenbuehler, KOMU 8 Reporter

SWEET SPRINGS - As the annual paddlefish snagging season began Sunday, conservation biologists got more creative in their management strategies of the vulnerable fish.

This year, a new Missouri Department of Conservation five-year program asks anglers to report fish they snag that have (More)...

Local nonprofits clash over proposed trail plans

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