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Fulton Achieves Recycling Goal One Week Early

Posted 4:15 PM 6/30/2014 by Sara Pang, KOMU 8 Reporter

FULTON - Fulton ended its city wide recycling challenge Monday, but reached its goal one week early. 

From April 1 to June 30, the city wanted to collect 45 tons of recyclable material through curbside collection.  Curbside recycling is a service in which recycling trucks pick up (More)...


Callaway County Neighbors Name Lawyer to Fight Hog Farm

Posted 4:15 PM 7/1/2014 by James Packard, KOMU 8 Reporter

CALLAWAY COUNTY - The group of neighbors against a proposed three-building hog facility in Callaway County, now called "Friends of Responsible Agriculture", named a lawyer Tuesday as they prepare to take action against the development.

Eichelberger Farms notified residents earlier this (More)...


Callaway Nuclear Power Plant Could Renew License

Posted 3:02 PM 6/25/2014 by Brittany Rendak, KOMU 8 Reporter

FULTON - A local plant is in its 30th year of operation and seeks to extend its license to include 20 additional years. It currently has a 40-year license and wants to continue operation.

The director of plant design, Sarah Kovaleski said the plant submitted a license renewal in 2011 to (More)...

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