City to Make Changes to Traffic Flow

Posted 6:07 PM 3/28/2014 by Anders Aarhus, KOMU 8 Reporter

COLUMBIA - Starting Monday the city will be making changes to the traffic flow on Forum Boulevard and Chapel Hill Road.

From 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays drivers will only be able to make right turns in and out of the Wilson's Fitness Complex. The city will also have police officers (More)...

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Forum Highlights Marijuana Legalization

Posted 7:59 PM 3/27/2014 by Anders Aarhus, KOMU 8 Reporter

JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri Association of Social Welfare hosted a public forum in Jefferson City Thursday night to discuss marijuana laws.

Missouri has debated marijuana legislation before, but this year's bills to legalize it are further along than ever before.

Because of that (More)...

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