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JEFFERSON CITY (AP) — The leader of Missouri's House said he doesn't expect there will be an effort to revive a contested measure to protect some businesses opposed to same-sex marriage.

In a rare move, a House committee, by a tied 6-6 vote, failed to advance the legislation Wednesday. It previously passed the Senate following a failed 37-hour filibuster by Democrats.

There are procedural moves that could revive the proposal. But GOP House Speaker Todd Richardson told reporters Thursday that he doesn't expect those will be employed.

At issue is a proposed constitutional amendment to ban government penalties against businesses that cite religion while denying some goods and services for same-sex weddings.

If passed by the Legislature, it would have gone to voters this year to decide.

The legislative session ends May 13.

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Sunken steamboat found in Malta Bend after 175 years http://www.komu.com/news/sunken-steamboat-found-in-malta-bend-after-175-years/ http://www.komu.com/news/sunken-steamboat-found-in-malta-bend-after-175-years/ Continuous News Thu, 28 Apr 2016 7:32:11 PM The Associated Press Sunken steamboat found in Malta Bend after 175 years

MALTA BEND (AP) — A group of excavators has found the 175-year-old sunken steamboat Malta, the namesake of the rural city of Malta Bend.

The Columbia Missourian reports that a white outline, 140 feet long and 22 feet wide, marks the area where the steamboat Malta is buried.

David Hawley, the leader of the steamboat recovery process, has been searching for steamboat wrecks up and down the Missouri River for more than 30 years. He has found 11 and dug up two.

Hawley said that a sample of earth in February showed black and red wool and window glass. He added that more samples need to be taken to accurately determine what the steamboat holds.

The steamboat sank in the Missouri River in 1841 on its way to Council Bluffs, Iowa.

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Prosecutor's office discloses burial site of Missouri woman http://www.komu.com/news/prosecutor-s-office-discloses-burial-site-of-missouri-woman/ http://www.komu.com/news/prosecutor-s-office-discloses-burial-site-of-missouri-woman/ Continuous News Thu, 28 Apr 2016 7:27:36 PM The Associated Press Prosecutor's office discloses burial site of Missouri woman

SUNSET HILLS (AP) — A prosecutor's spokesman said the remains of a suburban St. Louis woman who had been missing since last June were found in southern Missouri's Mark Twain National Forest.

That revelation Thursday from St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch's spokesman, Ed Magee, came a day after McCulloch declined to identify where 57-year-old Linda McLaughlin was found buried. McCulloch said only that it was a "remote and secluded part of the state."

McLaughlin's husband, 58-year-old John McLaughlin, was charged Wednesday with second-degree murder and is jailed in lieu of $2 million cash-only bond.

Linda McLaughlin's vehicle was found in south St. Louis several days after the Sunset Hills woman went missing.

John McLaughlin's attorney, Scott Rosenblum, said he believes the case is very defensible.

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EPA announces latest steps addressing Missouri landfill fire http://www.komu.com/news/epa-announces-latest-steps-addressing-missouri-landfill-fire/ http://www.komu.com/news/epa-announces-latest-steps-addressing-missouri-landfill-fire/ Continuous News Thu, 28 Apr 2016 7:24:09 PM The Associated Press EPA announces latest steps addressing Missouri landfill fire

BRIDGETON (AP) — The U.S. government said the owner of a burning suburban St. Louis landfill near buried radioactive waste has agreed to new measures meant to slow and help monitor the blaze.

Environmental Protection Agency regional chief Mark Hague said Thursday that Republic Services will install temperature monitors and cooling loops, which are meant to control the underground fire's temperature.

Hague said the company also will broaden a plastic cover over the landfill, partly to suppress odors and to block out oxygen that could feed the below-ground blaze.

The smoldering Bridgeton Landfill west of St. Louis is adjacent to the radioactively contaminated West Lake Landfill.

Hague said there's no evidence that the underground fire is advancing rapidly. He said the moves Thursday were precautionary.

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New trail dedicated along Grindstone Creek http://www.komu.com/news/new-trail-dedicated-along-grindstone-creek/ http://www.komu.com/news/new-trail-dedicated-along-grindstone-creek/ Continuous News Thu, 28 Apr 2016 7:17:45 PM Corey Miller, KOMU 8 Reporter New trail dedicated along Grindstone Creek

COLUMBIA - Bikers, walkers, runners and hikers have a new trail at their disposal in Columbia.

The Grindstone Creek Trail was dedicated on Thursday in front of a crowd of more than 50 interested trail goers.

The trail is 1.75 miles of concrete, following the Grindstone Creek for the most part.

The dedication included a short program, live music, a ribbon cutting, a tree seedling giveaway and a guided tour of the trail.

Construction on the trail was actually completed in November of 2015, but the dedication was pushed back to Thursday, to coincide with the spring weather.

Trailgoer Rachel Ruhlen said this new trail stands out from the rest.

"I think this is one of the most beautiful trails we have," Rhulen said. "We've built a lot of new trails lately and this is by far one of the best."

Fellow biker Bryan Nehl also said he has enjoyed using the new trail.

"I had kind of mixed feelings at first about it being paved, but I really do like that," Nehl said. "You don't have to worry so much about gravel washing out and that sort of thing. They do a great job of maintaining it, and it's really beautiful. It's very scenic through here and it's not like it's just a straight trail, there's a lot of twists and turns in it and it really keeps your interest."

Parks and Recreation Director Mike Griggs said the trail is the best of what Missouri has to offer.

"One thing unique about this compared to a lot of the other trails is when you're on this trail you feel like you're in southern Missouri, like on the Meramec River or some of those rivers you see down south, but here you're still in Columbia," Griggs said. "It's not like some of our other creeks like the Hinkson that has a lot of muddy banks. This portion of the Hinkson has the gravel beds and it gives you the feeling that you're on a trout stream or something like that."

Griggs said the trail can be used by all sorts of people, not just those looking for exercise.

"It certainly impacts everyone's quality of life," Griggs said. "Instead of having to drive to the Ozarks they can come down here and walk with their families, the kids can play on the bridges and catch crawdads and look at the minnows and the fish in the water. They can get that nature theme without ever really having to leave 10 minutes from their house."

Griggs also said the new trail could help connect university students from their housing complexes to campus.

"We met with some of the university students who live down the street at the Domain just down the street, and they see this as a great way for them to connect with campus without getting on the road so we anticipate the use of this trail is just going to increase each year," Griggs said."

Grindstone Creek Trail was completed at a cost of $1.61 million and funded by the Park Sales Tax with a contribution from the Missouri Department of Conservation.




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Bill on beer coolers advances in Missouri Legislature http://www.komu.com/news/bill-on-beer-coolers-advances-in-missouri-legislature/ http://www.komu.com/news/bill-on-beer-coolers-advances-in-missouri-legislature/ Continuous News Thu, 28 Apr 2016 7:16:25 PM The Associated Press Bill on beer coolers advances in Missouri Legislature

JEFFERSON CITY (AP) — A measure to allow beer-makers to lease coolers to stores to keep drinks frosty has passed the Missouri House.

House members voted 103-38 Thursday to tack the provision onto a bill that already had Senate approval. The measure then passed the chamber.

The underlying bill would allow a state wine board to oversee marketing of the beverage.

Supporters said the provision to allow beer coolers will help consumers, stores and brewers because it will lead to more refrigerators to store cold beer.

It's been criticized by craft brewers, who said it could give an unfair advantage to larger breweries such as Anheuser-Busch.

The amendment was one of several added to the Senate proposal by the House. That means it heads back to the Senate.

The legislative session ends May 13.

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Parents could have to sign concussion form for sports http://www.komu.com/news/parents-could-have-to-sign-concussion-form-for-sports/ http://www.komu.com/news/parents-could-have-to-sign-concussion-form-for-sports/ Continuous News Thu, 28 Apr 2016 7:07:41 PM Kolbie Satterfield, KOMU 8 Reporter Parents could have to sign concussion form for sports

COLUMBIA – Parents could have one more form to sign before their kid heads to the batting cages.

A bill going through the Missouri statehouse would require an information sheet to inform parents about concussions and brain injuries.

Parents would have to sign the form before each athlete could participate in the activity.

“I think safety is obviously very important and awareness is a good thing. I don’t know if a law is necessary to do that but I certainly want to advocate safety in youth sports for sure,” baseball dad Adam Birk said.

However Director of BC Baseball Eric Rhorer said this could be just another thing parents have to sign to get their kids on the mound.

“I think it’s something they may know and it might inform them a little bit. It’s also something people are just going to see the fine print and sign another wavier,” Rhorer said.

Rhorer does agree that more information on concussions is a good thing.

“I think as of right now with concussions the way they are I think it’s a good idea but I also think the major thing lies in the hands of the parents to make sure they are aware of what’s going on with their kid and make sure they’re ready to play baseball or any sport for that matter.”

This bill would also further specify that coaches, umpires, referees, and other sport officials participating in the activity would have to have additional training.

So far there has been no opposition from lawmakers.

This bill would add to the current concussion law by expanding it to children younger than seven, and also to parks and rec leagues.

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Columbia residents learn more about new possible roundabout http://www.komu.com/news/columbia-residents-learn-more-about-new-possible-roundabout/ http://www.komu.com/news/columbia-residents-learn-more-about-new-possible-roundabout/ Continuous News Thu, 28 Apr 2016 7:07:15 PM Sarah Henzel, KOMU 8 Reporter Columbia residents learn more about new possible roundabout

COLUMBIA- Drivers at the intersection of Forum Boulevard and Green Meadows Road could soon have a different route.

Columbia's Public Works Department held an open house informational meeting Thursday night to discuss a proposed project to change the four-way stop into a roundabout.

Columbia's Engineering Supervisor, Allison Anderson said she thinks the roundabout will alliviate traffic jams and stress.

"Since you have the yield instead of the full stop on all four legs the movement is just one way around. So, there isn't as many conflicts as the vehicles go around, you don't have to look at all four to see who's where and who's going and all those questions that come with a four way stop," said Anderson.

The meeting, held at Gentry Middle School, showed people graphics of the proposed roundabout.

There were also city staff members on hand to answer any questions.

Columbia resident Ginger Gillmore has some concerns about the proposal.

"A lot of the cars on Forum don't stop completely for those going across Green Meadows, so with the roundabout they would have the right away, so we would hardly ever get out," said Gillmore.

The proposal will now be heard at a public hearing at City Council, which hasn't been scheduled yet.

If it is approved, construction will begin in 2017.


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Senator Dan Brown drops out of state treasurer race http://www.komu.com/news/senator-dan-brown-drops-out-of-state-treasurer-race/ http://www.komu.com/news/senator-dan-brown-drops-out-of-state-treasurer-race/ Continuous News Thu, 28 Apr 2016 7:02:11 PM The Associated Press Senator Dan Brown drops out of state treasurer race

JEFFERSON CITY - State Senator Dan Brown, R-Rolla, is dropping out of the race for state treasurer.

Brown said in a statement Thursday he's endorsing fellow Republican Sen. Eric Schmitt, who now faces no primary challenger.

Brown says it's important for Republicans to win in November.

Brown was a surprise candidate who entered the running on the first day of candidate filing in February.

Democrats Judy Baker and Pat Contreras also are running for the seat. Baker is a former state lawmaker from Columbia. Contreras is from Kansas City and says he worked for the U.S. Department of State.

Current Democratic state Treasurer Clint Zweifel can't run for re-election because he has reached his term limit.

The primary is Aug. 2 and the general election is Nov. 8.

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Veterans complex hopes for more disability access http://www.komu.com/news/veterans-complex-hopes-for-more-disability-access/ http://www.komu.com/news/veterans-complex-hopes-for-more-disability-access/ Continuous News Thu, 28 Apr 2016 6:28:00 PM Megan Kelly, KOMU 8 Reporter Veterans complex hopes for more disability access

COLUMBIA – Patriot Place opened less than a month ago, giving some veterans a place to call home.

But its newest residents are already looking to make some renovations around the facility.

Sarah Grim, CEO of Welcome Home, Inc., said the complex doesn't have surrounding sidewalks, bus stops or lighting.

"What we would really like to see happen is that there is a bus stop and a bus shelter at our location, that the sidewalks end up going somewhere and that the lighting has improved so that it’s a safe community for our veterans as well as everyone else in that area," Grim said. 

Welcome Home, Inc. is a transitional emergency shelter for the homeless and is also campus partners with Patriot Place. According to Grim, once construction is completed, there will be sidewalks in front of Welcome Home as well as the Landmark Hospital across the street.

"We had a couple members who were concerned that while there is a beautiful new sidewalk out there, it doesn’t really lead to anything. So you’re either in gravel or you’re on the road which is very fast, very busy, and it’s kind of dangerous," said Chuck Graham, chair of the Disabilities Commission.

The Disabilities Commission met earlier this month to help the city find solutions to provide more accessibility to the area surrounding Patriot Place. 

"The City Council could take up the issue to require adjacent landowners to do that. But they really couldn’t do that just for this one place. They would have to change the policy all over town," Graham said.

City Councilman Ian Thomas said he hopes to have the city council address these concerns, but added the council needs to find room in the budget. He addressed these concerns this month in the Pedestrian Task Force’s Vision Zero report.

Sarah Froese, with the Truman VA Hospital, said the hospital is currently working one-on-one with the veterans at Patriot Place to provide transportation.

"It’s very difficult to see people in wheelchairs when they actually have to get out and use the road. They’re very likely to get hit, more likely than a pedestrian," Graham said.

"We’ve done as much as we can and we’ll work with the city as much as we can to make sure it happens," Grim said.

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Board releases plan for strengthening Missouri higher education http://www.komu.com/news/board-releases-plan-for-strengthening-missouri-higher-education/ http://www.komu.com/news/board-releases-plan-for-strengthening-missouri-higher-education/ Continuous News Thu, 28 Apr 2016 5:45:34 PM Jacob Kornhauser, KOMU 8 Digital Producer Board releases plan for strengthening Missouri higher education

COLUMBIA - In the same week Gov. Jay Nixon signed a Higher Education budget bill into law, the state's Coordinating Board for Higher Education released its plans and goals for improving education in the Show-Me State.

The blueprint the board released is intended to guide the state's higher education over the next five years. Missouri adopted the latest plan of this type in 2008.

With approximately 50.6 percent of working adults in the state having a two or four-year degree or professional certificate, Brian Fogle, chair of the Coordinating Board of Higher Education, said it's important for students to complete a higher education.

"Students who complete a postsecondary education program benefit from more employment opportunities, increased earning power and a greater connection to their community," Fogle said. 

The new coordinated plan has five goals: 

  • Attainment - Missouri will increase the proportion of working-age adults with high-quality, affordable postsecondary credentials to 60 percent by 2025.
  • Affordability -  Missouri will rank among the 10 most affordable states in which to obtain a postsecondary degree or certificate by 2025.
  • Quality - Missouri will produce graduates with high quality postsecondary degrees and certificates that are valuable and relevant to individuals, employers, communities and the state.
  • Research and information - Missouri will be a top 10 state for investment in academic research by 2025. 
  • Investment, advocacy, and partnership - Missouri will promote greater investment in a culture of postsecondary education through increased advocacy and powerful partnerships with education, business, government and communities. 

Fogle said its important to have a plan like this for higher education, because it helps build a skilled workforce, which helps a strong economy and improves the life of all Missourians.

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State Rep. encourages minority students to reconsider MU enrollment http://www.komu.com/news/state-rep-encourages-minority-students-to-reconsider-mu-enrollment/ http://www.komu.com/news/state-rep-encourages-minority-students-to-reconsider-mu-enrollment/ Continuous News Thu, 28 Apr 2016 5:09:25 PM Jacob Kornhauser, KOMU 8 Digital Producer State Rep. encourages minority students to reconsider MU enrollment

JEFFERSON CITY - Following the restoration of the University of Missouri's budget for the 2017 fiscal year, Rep. Courtney Allen Curtis, D-Ferguson, is calling on minority students to reconsider their enrollment at the university.

Curtis said attempts at repairing the image and legacy at the UM system are a "facade rather than a genuine effort."

He also criticized the legislative process involved in the decision to restore the university's budget, as he referred to his failed effort to add amendments ensuring diverse representation on the commission that would be approved by the Missouri Legislative Black Caucus.

"Having diverse representation on the commission is essential to fully address the issues plaguing the University of Missouri system," Curtis said through a news release.

Curtis acknowledged the university's response to the "Melissa Click issue", but said she is not the only problem. He also said he has no confidence in Interim President Mike Middleton. 

"He has over 30 years of experience at this University and has not given any true effort in implementing plans and has shown a history of a lack of action," Curtis said. 

Curtis has had attention on him recently. In January, he got in a fist fight with fellow lawmaker Michael Butler, D-St. Louis, over the controversial right-to-work bill after Butler followed him into an alley.

Curtis said he will continue to fight for progressive change until the Columbia campus becomes the "flagship university that Missouri deserves."


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Missouri earns perfect credit rating from multiple agencies http://www.komu.com/news/missouri-earns-perfect-credit-rating-from-multiple-agencies/ http://www.komu.com/news/missouri-earns-perfect-credit-rating-from-multiple-agencies/ Continuous News Thu, 28 Apr 2016 4:34:18 PM Jacob Kornhauser, KOMU 8 Digital Producer Missouri earns perfect credit rating from multiple agencies

COLUMBIA - Missouri was one of a few states to receive a perfect AAA credit rating from all three independent rating agencies. Standard and Poor's Rating Service, Moody's Investors Service, and Fitch Ratings all gave the state a perfect score, citing strong fiscal management leading to a balanced budget. 

These perfect scores allow the state to benefit from lower interest rates, which have the potential to make the state's capital investments more affordable. A news release from Gov. Jay Nixon said this reassures businesses that Missouri is a safe place to invest in.

A key reason the agencies give for awarding a perfect rating is the state's ability to make adjustments in the budget during the year. 

"Missouri remains extremely well-positioned to deal with economic downturns, with very strong gap-closing capacity in the form of its control over revenues and spending and a demonstrated willingness to take timely budgetary action,” the Fitch Ratings report said. 

Standard and Poor's Rating Services also said, "Missouri’s record of taking mid-year corrective budget measures has helped make its credit quality resilient to episodes of weaker-than-forecast economic and revenue performance.”

Missouri's fiscal management has stayed consistently strong while these agencies have downgraded the credit ratings of other states such as Illinois, Kansas, New Jersey, and Alaska.

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Missouri ranks among lowest in health care costs http://www.komu.com/news/missouri-ranks-among-lowest-in-health-care-costs/ http://www.komu.com/news/missouri-ranks-among-lowest-in-health-care-costs/ Continuous News Thu, 28 Apr 2016 3:30:37 PM Madeline Odle, KOMU 8 Reporter Missouri ranks among lowest in health care costs

JEFFERSON CITY - A new report from the Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI) put Missouri among states with some of the least expensive health care. 

The study looks at state-to-state price variations for health care procedures from mammograms to heart surgery. 

The institute found there to be a huge difference between states, with some having health care costs more than double that of the national average. 

Even with Missouri having some of the lowest prices for medical care, many of the biggest perpetrators are just right next door. 

Missouri Hospital Association Media Relations VP, Dave Dillon, said there are many factors that play into the cost of health care, and that the country has had a history of wide price ranges in medicine from state-to-state, and even within states, themselves. 

"What we've seen is a lot of recognition of that problem and variation in practice surrounding it." Dillon said. 

Dillon said a big factor in Missouri's low price for health care probably has to do with it's adaptation of best practices. He also said Missouri is just a less expensive state to be able to provide health care.

"It's just less expensive to provide health care. Salaries are lower, land cost is lower," Dillon said. "We're just a lower cost state."

However, Dillon said when shopping for heath care, it is not always the lowest price that is the best. He said certain places may just be suited for better care or different places may have to charge more based on the resources they have. 

"You can't easily do apples to apples on a lot of this, there are places where it is in essence a more similar cost," Dillon said. "But even in that situation, payments that are outliers that can come in."

Dillon said through looking at the differences in prices, states can look at what others are doing right and adopt the best practices to drive health care prices down.

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Blunt donates money from Hastert PAC to children's group http://www.komu.com/news/blunt-donates-money-from-hastert-pac-to-children-s-group/ http://www.komu.com/news/blunt-donates-money-from-hastert-pac-to-children-s-group/ Continuous News Thu, 28 Apr 2016 3:25:22 PM The Associated Press Blunt donates money from Hastert PAC to children's group

JEFFERSON CITY - The campaign committee for Republican U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt has given a Missouri children's group $11,000 — the same amount he had received from the political action committee of former House speaker Dennis Hastert.

Blunt's contribution to Missouri KidsFirst comes as Hastert was sentenced to prison Wednesday for violating banking laws in a case that revealed he paid hush money after sexually abusing teenagers while a wrestling coach decades ago.

Hastert's Keep Our Mission PAC had contributed $10,000 to Blunt's campaign in 2009 and $1,000 in 2013.

The Democratic Party has made an issue of the Hastert-related contributions as Blunt is running for re-election this year.

Campaign spokeswoman Burson Snyder confirmed that Blunt's campaign has given away an amount equal to the Hastert-related contributions.

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MU budget cuts to remain after Nixon signs higher education bill http://www.komu.com/news/mu-budget-cuts-to-remain-after-nixon-signs-higher-education-bill/ http://www.komu.com/news/mu-budget-cuts-to-remain-after-nixon-signs-higher-education-bill/ Continuous News Thu, 28 Apr 2016 3:09:04 PM Nick Yahl, KOMU 8 Reporter MU budget cuts to remain after Nixon signs higher education bill

COLUMBIA - Gov. Jay Nixon signed a $1.3 billion higher education budget yesterday, which will enact a tuition freeze for the fourth time since Nixon has been in office. 

The budget also creates a four percent boost in performance-based funding, which comes to about $37 million for Missouri colleges. $17 million of those funds will go to the UM system. 

This comes after many in the Missouri legislature contested the UM system receiving any funds following the events on the MU campus in November. In addition to the $17 million, the UM system will also undergo a $3.8 million cut to the administration. 

Rep. Donna Lichtenegger, R-Jackson,  says it was important to have the cut because it sends a message. 

"When we did this I was very proud to do the cut at first. We needed to send a message and that message was heard loud and clear. Now the administration is working to fix things," Lichtenegger said. 

MU News Bureau's Christian Basi praised the governor for including the university in the budget plans. 

"The budget is going to allow us to continue our mission of serving the state as one of our biggest assets. We touch nearly every Missourian in every county almost every day," said Basi. 

Basi added that despite MU receiving a portion of the funds, planned budget cuts on the campus will still happen due to the expected decrease in enrollment numbers. 

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Man arrested after near-miss with Columbia patrol vehicle http://www.komu.com/news/man-arrested-after-near-miss-with-columbia-patrol-vehicle/ http://www.komu.com/news/man-arrested-after-near-miss-with-columbia-patrol-vehicle/ Continuous News Thu, 28 Apr 2016 12:47:50 PM Katie Pylipow, KOMU 8 Digital Producer Man arrested after near-miss with Columbia patrol vehicle

COLUMBIA - The Columbia Police Department said Thursday it arrested a man after he nearly collided with a patrol vehicle twice Wednesday afternoon. 

Officials said an officer was traveling southbound on the US 63 Connector at I-70 when a vehicle driven by Marlon Folkes nearly collided with the patrol vehicle. A short time later, Folkes' vehicle nearly collided with the officer's vehicle again, the department said.

Police said the officer stopped Folkes and could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from his vehicle. The officer then searched the vehicle and found marijuana cigarettes, Alprazolam pills and a loaded .45 handgun in the center console, officials said.

Folkes could face both felony and misdemeanor drug charges as well as an unlawful use of a weapon charge. 



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Columbia man arrested after allegedly assaulting sheriff's deputy http://www.komu.com/news/columbia-man-arrested-after-allegedly-assaulting-sheriff-s-deputy/ http://www.komu.com/news/columbia-man-arrested-after-allegedly-assaulting-sheriff-s-deputy/ Continuous News Thu, 28 Apr 2016 10:00:40 AM Katie Pylipow, KOMU 8 Digital Producer Columbia man arrested after allegedly assaulting sheriff's deputy

COLUMBIA - The Boone County Sheriff's Department said it arrested a man early Thursday morning on suspicion of assaulting a deputy among other possible charges.

Officials said they went 33-year-old William Russell Brown's home around 3:30 a.m. to serve him with a court order following his arrest several hours earlier on suspicion of domestic violence, resisting arrest and an outstanding misdemeanor traffic warrant. The department said Brown was released from the Boone County Jail after posting bail. 

While serving the order, deputies said they noticed marijuana in plain sight at Brown's home. Brown then ran to his nearby vehicle and attempted to drive away, officials said.

Deputies said an altercation ensued as they tried to remove Brown from his vehicle. Brown allegedly slammed the driver's side door on a deputy's arm before being detained.

In the most recent incident Brown could face charges of assaulting a deputy, resisting arrest and possession of a controlled substance. Officials said Brown is being held on a $9,500 bond.

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One dead, 1 hurt after vehicle strikes St. Louis-area building http://www.komu.com/news/one-dead-1-hurt-after-vehicle-strikes-st-louis-area-building/ http://www.komu.com/news/one-dead-1-hurt-after-vehicle-strikes-st-louis-area-building/ Continuous News Thu, 28 Apr 2016 8:28:35 AM The Associated Press One dead, 1 hurt after vehicle strikes St. Louis-area building

BRIDGETON (AP) - A man is dead and a woman injured after their vehicle slammed into a building in suburban St. Louis.

KMOV-TV reports the accident happened about 2:45 a.m. Thursday when the vehicle hit the Baker Chiropractic and Acupuncture building in Bridgeton.

Details about the woman's condition were not released. Authorities have not disclosed the name of the man killed.

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Veterans to be honored by dedication of parts of U.S. Highway 63 http://www.komu.com/news/veterans-to-be-honored-by-dedication-of-parts-of-u-s-highway-63/ http://www.komu.com/news/veterans-to-be-honored-by-dedication-of-parts-of-u-s-highway-63/ Continuous News Thu, 28 Apr 2016 8:15:20 AM Laura Barczewski, KOMU 8 Reporter Veterans to be honored by dedication of parts of U.S. Highway 63

JEFFERSON CITY – Two veterans honored on a memorial in front of the Boone County courthouse might be honored in another way along U.S. Highway 63.

Army Specialist Steven Paul Farnen and U.S. Navy Lieutenant Patrick Kelly Connor died in the line of duty. 

Sen. Kurt Schaefer, R-Columbia, and Rep. Chuck Basye, R-Rocheport, created identical bills in the Missouri House of Representatives and Missouri Senate.

The bill dedicates a portion of U.S. Highway 63 form Breedlove Drive to Peabody Road in Boone County as “U.S. Army Specialist Steven Paul Farnen Memorial Highway.” It would also dedicate another portion of U.S. Highway 63 from Discovery Parkway to Interstate 70 as “U.S. Navy Lieutenant Patrick Kelly Conner Memorial Highway.”

Hugh Farnen, Steven Farnen's father, said he didn’t come up with the idea for the memorial, but he supports it.

Marsha Connor, Patrick Connor’s mother, said, “I think it’s a great idea and worthy of honoring not only our son, but Steven Farnen also.”

Connor said her son's plane was shot down on Feb. 2, 1991.

“After 25 years of his passing we are still hearing from people who had contact with Patrick,” Connor said. “Patrick, I swear, was born smiling. That’s what people keep telling us they remember about him.” 

Steven Paul Farnen died in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm.

Hugh Farnen said that one of the things people remembered about Steven was he was never greedy.

Farnen said the placement of the sign on that section of the highway is fitting.

“When you turn off over toward Highway ZZ and Dripping Springs Road, over there about a mile down is where we used to live, and so I think it’s pretty appropriate where it will be,” Farnen said.

Connor also said Columbia is a special place for their family.

“We still have family and friends there who grew up with Patrick, and went to school and played sports with him," Connor said. "There’s still some of his teachers who live in the area.”

Donations would fund the memorial signs on the highway.

According to Basye, the bill has received positive feedback and was expected to pass out of the House Select Committee on State and Local Governments Thursday.

[Editor's Note: The spelling of Rep. Basye's name was corrected.]

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