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CREVE COEUR, Mo. (AP) — Many cities and counties have banned smoking indoors, but the St. Louis suburb of Creve Coeur is going a step further.

The Creve Coeur City Council on Monday passed a measure placing limits on where smoking is allowed outdoors. The ordinance bans smoking in outdoor dining areas.

The measure also prohibits smoking in other outdoor seating and service areas open to the public. The ban includes electronic cigarettes.

Councilman Robert Hoffman, a pediatrician, led the effort.

City officials say they've received a mostly favorable response from the public.

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Attack of MetroLink security guard investigated http://www.komu.com/news/attack-of-metrolink-security-guard-investigated/ http://www.komu.com/news/attack-of-metrolink-security-guard-investigated/ News Tue, 28 Jun 2016 7:43:13 AM Madeline Odle, KOMU 8 Digital Producer Attack of MetroLink security guard investigated

COOL VALLEY, Mo. (AP) — Police in north St. Louis County are searching for a woman who attacked a light rail security guard.

Authorities said that the attack on a MetroLink platform this month was caught on camera and is circulating on social media. The guard was taken to a hospital for injuries to her face.

Police say the fight began after the woman punched the guard at the North Hanley station. The video shows people nearby, but not intervening.

MetroLink officials say they are reviewing the incident to see if anything could be done differently to improve security.

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Two teenagers die in Missouri 291 crash near Kansas City http://www.komu.com/news/two-teenagers-die-in-missouri-291-crash-near-kansas-city/ http://www.komu.com/news/two-teenagers-die-in-missouri-291-crash-near-kansas-city/ News Tue, 28 Jun 2016 7:16:00 AM Madeline Odle, KOMU 8 Digital Producer Two teenagers die in Missouri 291 crash near Kansas City

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. (AP) — Authorities say two teenagers have died in a crash near Kansas City.

The Kansas City Star reports that the crash happened early Monday when a car struck a center sign on Missouri 291, overturned and caught fire.

Independence police say the 19-year-old male driver and a 17-year-old male passenger died. Two other passengers were taken to a hospital and are expected to survive.

The crash temporarily shut down the highway.

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Officer shoots, wounds suspect in suburban St. Louis http://www.komu.com/news/officer-shoots-wounds-suspect-in-suburban-st-louis/ http://www.komu.com/news/officer-shoots-wounds-suspect-in-suburban-st-louis/ News Tue, 28 Jun 2016 6:26:10 AM Madeline Odle, KOMU 8 Digital Producer Officer shoots, wounds suspect in suburban St. Louis

KINLOCH, Mo. (AP) — Authorities say an officer in suburban St. Louis has shot and wounded a suspect while responding to a stolen vehicle report.

St. Louis County police said in a news release that the officer "was placed in fear of his life" when he attempted to contact the suspect. Police say the officer discharged his weapon, and the suspect sustained a single, non-life threatening wound.

The 18-year-old suspect was treated at a hospital and is in police custody.

The officer who shot him has worked in law enforcement for nine years, and has spent the past four years with the Kinloch Police Department.

Authorities are investigating the shooting. The release offered no other details about what led up to the shooting, but said more information will be released when it becomes available.

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Granite City woman gets 22-year sentence for fatal stabbing http://www.komu.com/news/granite-city-woman-gets-22-year-sentence-for-fatal-stabbing/ http://www.komu.com/news/granite-city-woman-gets-22-year-sentence-for-fatal-stabbing/ News Tue, 28 Jun 2016 4:44:09 AM Madeline Odle, KOMU 8 Digital Producer Granite City woman gets 22-year sentence for fatal stabbing

EDWARDSVILLE, Mo. (AP) — A woman convicted of fatally stabbing another woman in Granite City in 2013 has been sentenced to 22 years in prison.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports Circuit Judge Kyle Napp sentenced 21-year-old Breanna Maldonado after a jury found her guilty of first-degree murder in March.

Authorities say Maldonado and others got into an argument with another group of people at a convenience store around 1:30 a.m. on Oct. 6, 2013.

The Madison County State's Attorney's office says Maldonado stabbed 20-year-old Kaitlin Juenger in the chest through a car window as the victim attempted to drive off.

A male victim survived being stabbed in the abdomen by another man during the encounter. Twenty-one-year-old Antonio Carlin pleaded guilty to unlawful use of a weapon in that crime and awaits sentencing.

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Family Impact Center to receive $10,000 donation http://www.komu.com/news/family-impact-center-to-receive-10-000-donation/ http://www.komu.com/news/family-impact-center-to-receive-10-000-donation/ News Tue, 28 Jun 2016 12:55:12 AM Meg Hilling, KOMU 8 Reporter Family Impact Center to receive $10,000 donation

COLUMBIA - A mid-Missouri community support organization, Columbia's Family Impact Center, is set to receive a $10,000 donation Tuesday morning.

The donation comes as part of a gift from State Farm to the Family Impact Center, Fire and Rescue Training Institute and five MU Outreach Programs.

The director of the Family Impact Center, Ashley Guillemette, said the donation will be used for a variety of purposes, but primarily for renovating the center's financial counseling program offices.

Additional uses for the funding include marketing materials, administrative assistance salaries, and general expenses.

Guillemette said the funding is desperately needed by the center.

"We are going to be able to see more clients, we have some funding in there for marketing, and so we are hoping to be able to get the word out that this is a service that is available to the community. So it's going to make a huge impact for our organization," Guillemette said.

Around 2,000 people use the center a year, and about 100 used the center's free financial counseling program last year. 

Guillemette said she hopes the donation will allow more people to access the program.

"Folks can come in and ask questions about budgeting, credit, debt management," Guillemette said.

The donation will be presented during a gift ceremony at the center, Tuesday morning.

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BBB warns of investment seminar scams http://www.komu.com/news/bbb-warns-of-investment-seminar-scams/ http://www.komu.com/news/bbb-warns-of-investment-seminar-scams/ News Mon, 27 Jun 2016 7:27:15 PM Abby Breidenbach, KOMU 8 Reporter BBB warns of investment seminar scams

COLUMBIA - The Better Business Bureau warns a series of real estate seminars might not be what they claim.

This is the second time in five weeks these seminars have come to Missouri. Solicitations for the free seminars, hosted in St. Louis, were recieved by mail statewide.

The fliers said HGTV reality show stars would host the events, but people who attended house flipping seminars in late May said no HGTV stars were there. They said although the events were free, as advertised, they were filled with high pressure sales pitches.

The BBB warns people to be wary of anything they didn't ask for that comes in the mail.

Mid-Missouri BBB Regional Director Sean Spence said, "Realize that when you go to seminars like this, the people are really really good at convincing people to give their money." He said, "It's a seminar designed to give you just enough information to feel like you're getting a little something, but really it is to wet your appetite and get you to pull out your checkbook."

The BBB warned if you are not charged up front, chances are you will be charged before you get anything of value.

Spence said people are quickly pressured at these events to invest large sums of money in books, programs and future workshops.

He added, the key is to do research before investing time or money, and for those who decide to attend these seminars, have low expectations.

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The final bridge on I-70 takes more time than anticipated http://www.komu.com/news/the-final-bridge-on-i-70-takes-more-time-than-anticipated/ http://www.komu.com/news/the-final-bridge-on-i-70-takes-more-time-than-anticipated/ News Mon, 27 Jun 2016 5:40:01 PM Sheila Wang, KOMU 8 Reporter The final bridge on I-70 takes more time than anticipated

COLUMBIA - The Missouri Department of Transportation was sliding the third new bridge in place on I-70 Monday at Business Loop 70. It is expected to open to traffic in 30 days.

Danny Roeger, a construction inspector with MoDOT, said the latest part of the project was off to a rough start.

"This morning we had a few delays, some prep work that took longer than anticipated, but also the structure itself is roughly twice the size the other two bridges we previously slid. It's just a little more bulky, a little more weight to move. It's just taking a little more time," Roeger said.

He said the workers were moving the bridge about five feet per hour, which is slower than the bridges at Garth Avenue and Rangeline Street.

"The bridge will support all four lanes, two lanes on each direction of I-70 traffic," Roeger said.

The other two bridges only have two lanes.

The bridge was slid in place about 10 p.m. Monday. It was originally scheduled to be slid in place by 5 p.m.

Roeger said using dish soap to move the bridge is cost-efficient.

"Build the bridge off to the side out of traffic, and without any impact to traffic, and build this new footings and just slide the bridge onto those footings. And all we have to remove, moving forward, is only the temporary footing under the bridge," Roeger said.

Roeger said the bridges on I-70 are no longer serviceable and tough to maintain. The three new bridges are expected to serve 50 to 80 years.

He said the entire construction work is expected to be complete early this fall.


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East Broadway and Orr Street blocked off for nighttime maintenance http://www.komu.com/news/east-broadway-and-orr-street-blocked-off-for-nighttime-maintenance/ http://www.komu.com/news/east-broadway-and-orr-street-blocked-off-for-nighttime-maintenance/ News Mon, 27 Jun 2016 5:37:00 PM Rachel Leigh, KOMU 8 Reporter East Broadway and Orr Street blocked off for nighttime maintenance

COLUMBIA - Drivers will need to find an alternative route from E Broadway for part of the week. 

Crews will resurface East Broadway and Orr Street during a mill and overlay process. The streets will be blocked off from 7 p.m., to 7 a.m., between June 27-30. 

Columbia Public Works Public Information Officer Barry Dalton said the resurfacing was necessary for Broadway. 

"It may not have been the worst rating, but because of the level of traffic on it, it got the highest level of maintenance that's needed," Dalton said.

Public Works scheduled the maintenance to be done at the beginning of the week in order to leave the road open for the Fourth of July. 

"Hopefully it will be done, but if it's not the workers will stop working and then the streets will be completely opened during the holiday weekend from Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday and then they'll start working again Tuesday night if they have to," Dalton said. 

Business will stay open, but parking on Broadway will be blocked off because of the construction. 

"Usually mill and overlay is done during the day, but since it is such a busy commercial area it makes more sense to close the street and do it at night," Dalton said. 


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Tolton Catholic principal resigns after six years building school http://www.komu.com/news/tolton-catholic-principal-resigns-after-six-years-building-school/ http://www.komu.com/news/tolton-catholic-principal-resigns-after-six-years-building-school/ News Mon, 27 Jun 2016 5:21:02 PM Lauren Barnas, KOMU 8 Reporter Tolton Catholic principal resigns after six years building school

COLUMBIA – The first principal, president and key founding figure of Father Tolton Regional Catholic High School will resign this week to take time off to rest.

"If you till the crops and you plant without ever stopping, that soil becomes worn out and useless,” Kristie Wolfe said. “I am determined not to work myself until I hit the point where I am no good anymore.”

Wolfe announced her resignation on June 24, just six days before her resignation will take effect on June 30. She said she made the decision last week and decided to part with the school at the end of the fiscal year.

At a news conference, some people asked if there were any tensions leading to the resignation.

“I wouldn’t say there were conflicts that led to this decision," Wolfe said. "I would just say the things that I am naturally gifted at accomplishing are not the things that need to be accomplished now.”

Wolfe has helped build and develop the school since its inception six years ago, including completion of the school's construction, furnishing, staffing and fund raising efforts. The school’s growth led to an expansion only two years after its initial construction.

“I’ll never be the same. It’s that life changing for me to have been a part of it,” Wolfe said.

This is the second Catholic school Wolfe has helped build from the ground up. She left her position as a high school principal in Pennsylvania before coming to Missouri.

“When the opportunity to open a new Catholic high school in Columbia landed on my desk, I was at that time much like I am now, at a point of feeling like my work there was finished,” she said.

Bishop John Gaydos appointed Sister Julie Brandt, associate superintendent of Catholic schools for the Jefferson City diocese, as acting administrator of the high school. Brandt said she isn’t the best person to hold the position permanently, though.

“I don’t think I’m qualified for that as a full time position,” Brandt said. “I have another job that I’m really highly excited about and energized by and I don’t have the high school administrative experience that I would want.”

School officials said they are working to fill the opening before school starts in the next 50 days.

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Gov. Nixon vetoes no permit concealed carry; strong reactions http://www.komu.com/news/gov-nixon-vetoes-no-permit-concealed-carry-strong-reactions/ http://www.komu.com/news/gov-nixon-vetoes-no-permit-concealed-carry-strong-reactions/ News Mon, 27 Jun 2016 3:51:09 PM Melissa Zygowicz, KOMU 8 Reporter Gov. Nixon vetoes no permit concealed carry; strong reactions

JEFFERSON CITY - Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed legislation Monday that would have allowed Missourians to carry a concealed fire arm without permit, sparking strong reactions in Missouri.

According to a release by Nixon's office, Senate Bill 656 would have allowed people, including those from other states, to carry a concealed gun, even if they had been denied after a background check due to criminal history.

The bill also would have implemented the "stand your ground" law, removing the duty to retreat before using force in self-defense.

The owner and proprietor of Ammo Alley, Doug Alley, said "That's one of the things I found very viable to the change in statute, that you would be able to stand your ground and defend yourself on your property. Unfortunately that's part of this bill, so it didn't pass."

Rose Metro of Mom's Demand Action for Gun Sense in America said she disagrees with the "stand your ground" law.

"Everyone has the right to self defense, but you currently in public have the duty to retreat from situations you can safely retreat to. That would take that away so people could shoot to kill, potentially in situations where they could of had a non-violent resolution," Metro said.

She also said the bill would make Missouri more dangerous.

"I think safety is for everyone. This is not about gun owners versus non-gun owners," Metro said. "We support the Second Amendment and people's right to own guns, but carrying them concealed in public is a big responsibility and there should be some kind of permit for that."

Alley said, although the bill would have eliminated the requirement for a concealed carry permit, he thinks it is still a good idea for everyone to get a permit.

"The more people that would have that tool to defend themselves, puts the criminal element on notice," Alley said.

Republican Senate leaders also reacted to Gov. Jay Nixon's veto, saying the legislation strengthens Missourians' Second Amendment rights.

“In an era when we see radical Islamic terrorists shifting their focus to attacks on targets such as employee Christmas parties in San Bernardino or nightclubs in Orlando, we should be doing all we can to make sure the citizens of Missouri have the ability to protect themselves,” said Sen. Brian Munzlinger , R-Williamstown, the sponsor of the legislation. “It is hard to believe our governor would veto a bill that gives Missourians the ability to protect themselves.”

SB 656 is not done yet, however. Lawmakers who passed it in May can still override Nixon's veto if they can garner enough votes during this September's veto session.






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John Q. Hammons declares bankruptcy to focus on legal issues http://www.komu.com/news/john-q-hammons-declares-bankruptcy-to-focus-on-legal-issues/ http://www.komu.com/news/john-q-hammons-declares-bankruptcy-to-focus-on-legal-issues/ News Mon, 27 Jun 2016 3:37:18 PM The Associated Press John Q. Hammons declares bankruptcy to focus on legal issues

SPRINGFIELD (AP) — The head of a Missouri-based hotel chain that has 35 properties in 16 states says her company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy over the weekend so it could better deal with ongoing legal battles.

John Q. Hammons Hotels & Resorts CEO Jacqueline Dowdy says she doesn't anticipate the company's business operations being disrupted because of the Sunday filing in federal bankruptcy court in Kansas City, Kansas.

The Springfield News-Leader reports the bankruptcy filing puts the brakes on a trial in Delaware that had been scheduled to start in late July.

That trial involves a dispute between the company and entities associated with investor Jonathan Eilian, whose entities loaned John Q. Hammons $300 million in 2005 so he could take his publicly-traded company private.

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Dry weather creates dangerous setting for fireworks http://www.komu.com/news/dry-weather-creates-dangerous-setting-for-fireworks/ http://www.komu.com/news/dry-weather-creates-dangerous-setting-for-fireworks/ News Mon, 27 Jun 2016 3:21:13 PM Amina Petonjic, KOMU 8 Reporter Dry weather creates dangerous setting for fireworks

COLUMBIA - Dry weather conditions are creating dangerous conditions for setting off fireworks around the Fourth of July holiday.

"When those fireworks leave the ground, there's no telling where it's gonna land," said Gale Blomenkamp of the Boone Fire DIstrict. "It can land in dry grass, it could land on someone's roof, it can land in a gutter that's full of dry leaves and cause a fire. People need to understand they're responsible for damage that occurs to someone else's property in the event of a fire."

He said even with the rain Columbia has been getting, that doesn't mean the grasses are wet and green. After someone is done with the fireworks to put them in a bucket of water. Blomenkamp said the fireworks can still maintain a lot of heat and doing this will cool them down where they can be thrown away safely.

Blomenkamp said safety is also an issue and people should look at packaging directions before setting off fireworks.

He also advises having a sober adult monitor. He said, with children holding the fireworks, parents should guide them on proper lighting techniques to ensure no injuries happen.

He said anyone experiencing issues should call 9-1-1.



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University of Central Missouri students among crash victims http://www.komu.com/news/university-of-central-missouri-students-among-crash-victims/ http://www.komu.com/news/university-of-central-missouri-students-among-crash-victims/ News Mon, 27 Jun 2016 2:46:45 PM The Associated Press University of Central Missouri students among crash victims

KANSAS CITY (AP) — Authorities say one of the two people who died when a car ran off an interstate overpass in Kansas City was a student at the University of Central Missouri.

The Warrensburg Daily Star-Journal reports the victims of the crash Saturday night near the Kansas City Zoo were identified Monday as 21-year-old Tuiemanu Ripley, an American Samoan attending the University of Central Missouri, and 22-year-old Calleb M. Lugano, of Overland Park, Kansas, who was a naturalized U.S. citizen.

Two other international students from Warrenburg, both females, were injured in the accident, one critically and the other seriously.

Kansas City Police Sgt. Bill Mahoney says the car ran off an overpass on Interstate 435 and landed on a street below. Lugano apparently lost control of the vehicle.

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Weekly Wellness: Put Those Shades On http://www.komu.com/news/weekly-wellness-put-those-shades-on/ http://www.komu.com/news/weekly-wellness-put-those-shades-on/ News Mon, 27 Jun 2016 2:34:43 PM Amanda Barnes KOMU Wellness Coach Weekly Wellness: Put Those Shades On

COLUMBIA - You would think I might be making this one up, but I’m not. Today is National Sunglasses Day. (No, a sunglass manufacturer didn’t create this one.) National Sunglasses Day is held annually on June 27. It is not only an observance but a reminder that our shades are a health necessity and it is important to wear sunglasses or other UV-protective eyewear every day to protect long-term eye health.

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is most often associated with sunburns and skin cancer but the truth is that some of the most damaging impact of UV radiation is to our vision. The problem originates with the sun’s unfiltered ultraviolet (UV) rays. Just as these rays can burn skin cells, they can also harm unprotected eyes. A full day outside without wearing eye protection can cause immediate, temporary issues such as swollen or red eyes and hypersensitivity to light. Years of cumulative exposure can cause even more serious conditions.

(Source: http://nationalsunglassesday.com/sunglasses/)

UV exposure can cause short-term and long-term effects on eye health. People with blue eyes are more at risk for UV damage than those with brown eyes, experts say.

Sunburn of the eye, or photokeratitis (also known as ''snow blindness") can cause loss of vision for up to 48 hours.

Long-term, excess UV exposure can cause a variety of eye problems, including:

  • "Surfer's eye," also known as pterygium is an abnormal but usually benign growth on the eye's surface. It can itch, swell, and become irritated. It can be surgically removed but may come back.
  • Cataracts is a progressive clouding of the lens of the eye.
  • Age-related macular degeneration causes damage to the nerve cell in the macula can dull colors and blur fine detail in your vision.
  • Cancer of the eye, eyelid, or nearby skin.

So what's the best thing you can do? Wear your shades!

  • Choose shades that protect from both UVA and UVB rays (it will say so on the lens sticker).
  • Wear your shades everyday (even when it's not sunny or bright) - the sun's rays can still sneak through the clouds.
  • It's never too early to put shades on your kids. Make sure they are protecting their eyes during their time outside.

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US Supreme Court ruling throws Missouri laws into question http://www.komu.com/news/us-supreme-court-ruling-throws-missouri-laws-into-question/ http://www.komu.com/news/us-supreme-court-ruling-throws-missouri-laws-into-question/ News Mon, 27 Jun 2016 1:57:07 PM The Associated Press US Supreme Court ruling throws Missouri laws into question

JEFFERSON CITY (AP) — A U.S. Supreme Court ruling is calling into question whether some Missouri abortion regulations will stand.

Supreme Court judges ruled 5-3 Monday that some Texas regulations are medically unnecessary and unconstitutionally limit women's abortion rights.

Missouri has similar laws requiring abortion doctors to have privileges at nearby hospitals and clinics to meet hospital-like standards for outpatient surgery.

Spokeswoman Nanci Gonder says Missouri's attorney general is reviewing the ruling.

President and CEO Laura McQuade says Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri also will review whether it will need to take legal action to try to invalidate state laws.

But Missouri Right to Life Executive Director Patricia Skain says the ruling will overturn Missouri's laws and that the anti-abortion group is disappointed. She says those regulations are meant to protect women.


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Abortion laws under scrutiny, mid-Missourians sound off http://www.komu.com/news/abortion-laws-under-scrutiny-mid-missourians-sound-off/ http://www.komu.com/news/abortion-laws-under-scrutiny-mid-missourians-sound-off/ News Mon, 27 Jun 2016 1:44:19 PM Adam Pressler, KOMU 8 Reporter Abortion laws under scrutiny, mid-Missourians sound off

COLUMBIA - The Supreme Court of the Untied States voted against Texas’s anti-abortion laws, Monday morning. A five to three vote in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt now has many other states questioning how this will affect similar laws. 

Laura McQuade, the Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri President and CEO, said this ruling directly affects mid-Missouri.

“On December 1, the University of Missouri withdrew admitting privileges for our local Planned Parenthood, making it harder to get access for reproductive health. This decision will now drastically impact access to service and the ability to provide access to service,” McQuade said.

According to McQuade, the laws deemed unconstitutional in Texas have been in place in Missouri since 2007.

The SCOTUS decision ruled it was unconstitutional for clinics where abortions are performed to meet the same standards as outpatient surgical centers and for doctors performing the procedures to be required to have admitting privileges to a nearby hospital.

Sen. Kurt Schaefer (R-Columbia) is running for Attorney General in the upcoming statewide elections. He is known for targeting abortion clinics and fighting against abortion laws. Schaefer said the new ruling is unsafe.

"Sadly, the Supreme Court ignored the health and well-being of women. Abortion clinics and those administering abortions should have to meet the same health sand safety requirements as other outpatient facilities that perform invasive medical procedures. Anything else is just not safe," Schaefer wrote in a statement.

Associate Dean of the University of Missouri Law School Paul Litton said research studied by the Supreme Court conflicts with Schaefer's comments.

"Based on what I have read and studied based on today's decision, it appears that women's health was more at risk under these potential laws, than without these laws," Litton said.

The Columbia Planned Parenthood celebrated the ruling by hosting an event at Glenn's Cafè.

Kristin Metcalf-Wilson, the lead nurse practitioner at the Columbia Planned Parenthood, said the two overturned laws were attempts at political moves.

"The restrictions requiring ambulatory surgical centers or admittance privilege for a physician at a local hospital, really provided no improvement of quality care for women's reproductive health and they were strictly a political move or tactic to decrease access to abortion services which are safe and legal in our country," Wilson said.

The Supreme Court's ruling does not change any laws in Missouri, but legal analysts said it could deter similar laws aimed to limit or close abortion clinics.

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Missouri man accused of killing 4 relatives, burning bodies http://www.komu.com/news/missouri-man-accused-of-killing-4-relatives-burning-bodies/ http://www.komu.com/news/missouri-man-accused-of-killing-4-relatives-burning-bodies/ News Mon, 27 Jun 2016 1:16:22 PM The Associated Press Missouri man accused of killing 4 relatives, burning bodies

KANSAS CITY (AP) — A 25-year-old man is accused of fatally shooting four of his family members then burning their bodies in northwestern Missouri.

Grayden Denham is charged with four counts of first-degree murder in the Feb. 19 deaths of two of his grandparents, his sister and her 3-month-old son at their home near Edgerton, 30 miles north of Kansas City.

Authorities say all four were shot in the head then set alight.

Denham also is charged with animal abuse, armed criminal action, tampering and second-degree arson.

He was taken into custody Feb. 21 after being found walking naked in northwestern Arizona. He was returned earlier this month to Missouri, where he was arrested on suspicion of stealing his grandparents' car.

Denham's attorney, John P. O'Connor, says his client plans to plead not guilty.

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The Latest: Missouri lawmaker reacts to vetoed gun rights http://www.komu.com/news/the-latest-missouri-lawmaker-reacts-to-vetoed-gun-rights/ http://www.komu.com/news/the-latest-missouri-lawmaker-reacts-to-vetoed-gun-rights/ News Mon, 27 Jun 2016 1:00:27 PM The Associated Press The Latest: Missouri lawmaker reacts to vetoed gun rights

JEFFERSON CITY  (AP) - The Republican who ushered a sweeping gun rights bill through the House says he hopes lawmakers undo Gov. Jay Nixon's veto of the measure.

Nixon on Monday vetoed the bill, but lawmakers can try to override him during a September session.

Springfield Rep. Eric Burlison pushed the measure through the House. On Monday, he said he hopes lawmakers try to pass the bill into law despite the Democratic governor's objections.

The bill would allow most people to carry concealed guns even if they haven't gone through the training required for permits.

Burlison says people currently can carry guns in public places without training. He says the legislation will change only whether they can hide firearms.

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St. Louis Death Cafe launches to discuss end-of-life issues http://www.komu.com/news/st-louis-death-cafe-launches-to-discuss-end-of-life-issues/ http://www.komu.com/news/st-louis-death-cafe-launches-to-discuss-end-of-life-issues/ News Mon, 27 Jun 2016 12:50:10 PM The Associated Press St. Louis Death Cafe launches to discuss end-of-life issues

ST. LOUIS (AP) — A St. Louis branch of Death Cafe, a group that gathers regularly to discuss death and end-of-life issues, has launched in St. Louis.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that 32-year-old Tracy Gomillion started the St. Louis branch. Death Cafe was founded in London in 2011 by Jon Underwood, who wanted people to feel comfortable talking about the event of death.

Gomillion started the branch after experiencing the contrasts of dealing with her parents' deaths and planning their funeral. Gomillion says it's important to discuss issues surrounding death.

The meetings are attended by people mourning, caregivers, people who work in the funeral industry and those who are interested in the right-to-die movement.

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