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Angie Bailey

My husband and I are what many would call "small town." I grew up in Clarence, Missouri in the northeast corner of the Show Me state.

My mom is a teacher and my dad a police officer, so it was hard to get by with anything as a kid but I still managed to challenge them every day. That determination is paying off today... I still don't give up easily.


Brittany Pieper

I grew up in Plano, Texas, but I'm no stranger to Missouri. I am a proud Mizzou alum with degrees in Journalism and Political Science. My dad, sister and brother also went to Mizzou. I have family in St. Louis, Kansas City and Columbia.

I worked at KOMU 8 during my time as a student, and I am so excited to be back. I love the TV station, the city of Columbia and all of the wonderful people in Mid-Missouri.


Jim Riek

Contrary to what you hear from my colleagues, my real job in life is anchoring the six and ten o'clock news at KOMU. Yes, I do play golf, a lot of golf, but I have no plans of quitting my daytime job! Or is it my nighttime job? If I tried to make a living playing golf I would go bankrupt!

I started this broadcasting career in Jefferson City getting a radio job as a senior in high school. Working my way through college I eventually shifted from radio to television. My radio stops also included stations in Fulton and Joplin.


Megan Judy

I've always been told this was the perfect job for me because people are forced to listen to me talk. Trust me, I do it a lot!

I can talk to anyone, about anything, at anytime...even at 3:00 in the morning when I wake up! And, I'm very excited to wake you up every morning.

Originally from St. Louis, I went to high school at St. Joseph's Academy, and graduated from the University of Missouri with my Bachelor of Journalism.


Emily Spain

Emily Spain is an award-winning reporter and joined the KOMU 8 news team in March 2012 as the KOMU 8 News Today Co-Anchor and Assignment Editor.

"If you're ever trying to find me in a crowd, just listen for my laugh. I've always been known as a loud laugher (got that from my mama), and I can't say I'm ashamed. What's better than an aching belly from a good laugh? I'm so excited about bringing my upbeat personality to KOMU 8 News Today and hopefully I'll help you get your day started on a positive note."


Eric Aldrich

After graduating from MU, I left Columbia briefly, to go to Fayetteville, Arkansas and was a meteorologist at the NBC affiliate there for almost one year. I missed my family so much that I wanted to come "back home" and was hired full-time at KOMU-TV to handle the weekend weather duties and start an in-depth school-weather partnership with Mid-Missouri area schools and school districts.

Since then, I have been promoted to the weekday morning meteorologist position and I enjoy waking up with Mid-Missouri each and every morning, providing them with an accurate and informational weather forecast.


Kenton Gewecke

People ask me all the time, what made you want to be a weather man? Well, it has never really been a question in my mind. I grew up in Kearney, Nebraska (located in central Nebraska) and the weather there changes just as much as it does here with severe weather and blizzards and all that good stuff. I love it. I remember one time when I was a kid I was out on the lake my family visited often and we were boating when dark clouds started to roll in, the winds picked up, and it just got really eerie very fast. By the time we were able to get the skis and rope in the boat and head back to the dock there were massive white cap waves coming over the boat. I hid under our inner tube with my cousins and I was scared to death and thought that day would be my last. Thankfully, my father is a great driver and we made it back safely. Afterwards, I was so thrilled. How did it happen so fast? One minute it was sunny and calm and the next I was about to die. I was enthralled with weather from then on.


Rosie Newberry

I originally hail from Springfield, MO, where I graduated from Glendale High School in 2006. Although not everyone knows this, Springfield is actually renowned for its extreme weather variability. I grew up knowing that late spring and early summer meant severe thunderstorms … or, in a child’s eyes, code for playing card games in the basement! Winter would inevitably bring inches upon inches of snow, where school would be canceled and we would spend all afternoon sledding/sliding/slipping on the huge hill in front of my house.

Being raised right here in Missouri was a wonderful way to get me started on the path to meteorology: Encountering all four seasons every year certainly makes one appreciate change!


Chris Gervino

Chris is in his 12th year as sports director at KOMU. He anchors weeknight sportscasts, and hosts the KOMU Sports Show Sunday nights.

He also hosts the University of Missouri coaches television shows, This Week in Mizzou Football with Gary Pinkel, and This Week in Mizzou Basketball with Frank Haith.


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