6 Malnourished Parrots Rescued from KC-Area Home

Posted: Feb 16, 2013 6:39 PM by Associated Press

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PLEASANT HILL, Mo. - Six parrots have been rescued from a trash-filled suburban Kansas City home.

Several of the birds had large bare patches where feathers had been plucked out or chewed off. Veterinarian Julie Burge is treating them with antibiotics. She says the two cockatoos and four macaws are aggressive and will need time to adjust before they can be adopted.

The Kansas City Star reports that the parrots had chewed through drywall and electrical wiring at a vacant Pleasant Valley house. Their cages contained piles of waste, and rodent droppings dotted their dirty food dishes.

Burge operates a veterinarian practice and bird rescue operation in Grandview. She previously rescued pets after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and the Joplin tornado.

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