Better Business Bureau Warns of Netflix Scam

Posted: Mar 24, 2014 2:15 PM by Tori Chamberlain, KOMU 8 Digital Producer
Updated: Mar 24, 2014 5:24 PM

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COLUMBIA - A new phishing scam is attacking users of the popular video streaming service, Netflix.

The Better Business Bureau issued a warning to consumers about the scam and warned customers to use caution when logging in to their account.

The first step of the scam victims may encounter is a screen that appears when trying to log in to an account. It will say the username was suspended for "unusual activity" and the user must contact Member Services to regain access.

What most consumers are not aware of is the "Member Services" phone number provided is not affiliated with Netflix at all. Someone claiming to be a Netflix support staffer tells the customer their services have been hacked, and they must connect with a technician to fix the problem.

Not only do the scammers attempt to obtain credit card, license and billing information from the customer on the line, but they are able to access sensitive documents within a computer system during that time.

The Better Business Bureau says if customers experience any of the components of the scam, they should hang up as soon as possible to avoid releasing secure information. Anyone who encounters the scam should also change their Netflix password as well as any other website accounts that use the same password.

For more tips on how to identify and avoid the scam click here.

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