Boone Co. Deputy Assaulted; Suspect Faces Ten Charges

Posted: Oct 5, 2013 5:33 AM by Blair Miller, KOMU 8 Digital Producer
Updated: Oct 5, 2013 8:48 AM

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BOONE COUNTY - A routine animal disturbance response turned into an assault on a Boone County Sheriff's Deputy, and a suspect faces ten charges stemming from the altercation Friday night.

Just before 8 p.m., the deputy responded to a call near Ripperto Rd. and Acton Rd., west of Ashland near the Missouri River, regarding an animal disturbance. At the scene, the officer saw a woman, 49-year-old Patricia Basurto of Ashland, riding on top of a car with her feet dangling through the sunroof.

After stopping the car, the deputy discovered the driver, 35-year-old Rex Barstow of Ashland, was intoxicated.

Barstow was also driving with a revoked license, an unregistered vehicle, no insurance, and had license plates on the car belonging to another vehicle. He was arrested and placed in the deputy's vehicle.

Barstow asked the officer to retrieve something from his car before the officer took him to jail, but when the deputy asked Basurto for the item, she slapped the officer's hand. She was then handcuffed.

Upon seeing his acquaintance arrested, Barstow began kicking the window of the patrol car, eventually breaking out the glass as the deputy tried to subdue him, obtaining a minor cut to the ear and a broken watch in the process.

At Barstow's urging, Basurto fled the scene in the process, but was detained shortly thereafter when a Boone County K-9 Unit tracked her down in the nearby brush.

Both were transported to the Boone County Jail.

Basurto faces a resisting arrest charge, as well as a third-degree Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer charge.

Barstow faces the same charges, as well as eight others, including DWI, two property damage counts, and six counts relating to his lack of auto registration, revoked license, and probation violations.

Barstow's charges carry a combined minimum $15,000 bond, with higher amounts coming pending the DWI charge.

Court records show Barstow has at least four previous arrests for DWI, among other motor vehicle charges and domestic charges.

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