Columbia Police Officers Used Force in 438 Incidents in 2012

Posted: May 3, 2013 12:05 PM by KOMU 8 Staff
Updated: May 3, 2013 2:48 PM

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Police Department released its 2012 annual report Friday, which includes facts and figures on how often officers used force.

The report shows officers made 156,448 citizen contacts during the year, 438 of which some degree of force was used against 562 people. Of the 438, 436 were determined proper and two incidents are pending.

There are several different categories for the types of forced used, the results of how many occasions each were used are as follows:

  • balance displacement: 200
  • drawing/exhibiting firearms: 285
  • handcuffing wtithout resulting in formal arrest: 216
  • joint manipulation: 129
  • other physical force: 72
  • pepper spray: 17
  • pressure point techniques: 23
  • strikes: 15
  • canine apprehension: 1
  • tazers: 21
Officers did not use horse action/movement, impact weapons, chemical gas, canine bites or a kinetic energy device.

Of the 438 reports of force used, 38 of the subjects reported injuries and 32 officers reported injuries.

In the event of a dispatch of injured animals, officers used firearms on 24 ocassions. The department also initiated 12 vehicle pursuits during the year.

Of the 156,448 citizen contacts, Columbia PD received 104 complaints/concerns, 40 of which met the standards of City Ordinance 21-51. The department also received 60 external compliments.

To see the complete report, check out the department's website.

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