Columbia Produced More Renewable Energy for Less Money

Posted: Feb 9, 2014 1:14 PM by Devon Fasbinder, KOMU 8 Reporter
Updated: Feb 9, 2014 11:54 PM

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COLUMBIA - Columbia produced more renewable energy than planned in 2013 below the cost limit, according to Columbia Water and Light.

The report from Columbia Water and Light shows the goal for 2013 was for 5 percent of the total energy produced by the city to be renewable. The city exceeded the goal and 6.97 percent of the total energy was renewable.

Columbia produces renewable energy in four main ways. These include wind turbines, landfill gas, bio mass, and solar energy. Columbia Water and Light reported wind accounted for 3.22 percent of all energy produced by the city, landfill gas accounted for 2.96 percent, bio mass accounted for 0.75 percent, and solar accounted for 0.05 percent. When adding these numbers up, the total is 6.98 percent, which is a 0.01 percent difference than what Columbia Water and Light reported due to rounding.

After some percentage calculations, KOMU 8 News broke down how much of the renewable energy each supplier produces. Wind produces 46.13 percent of the renewable energy produced, land fill gas produces 42.41 percent, bio mass produces 10.74 percent, and solar produces 0.72 percent of the renewable energy.

The report indicated the city had a cost limit of $3.25 million. The cost limit means, "renewable energy cannot cause electric rates to increase more than 3% above what rates would be with non-renewable energy." Columbia Water and Light reported the city only spent $1.2 million, which is less than half of the limit.

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