Court Document Details Allegations Against Osage County Sheriff

Posted: Sep 26, 2013 12:14 PM by Nick Thompson, KOMU 8 Digital Producer
Updated: Sep 26, 2013 9:00 PM

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ROLLA - KOMU 8 News obtained court documents Thursday detailing the allegations against Osage County sheriff Michael Dixon.

Dixon is accused of harassing a Belle Police Officer in July. Dixon served as the police chief in Belle before he was elected to serve as the Osage County sheriff.

Dixon is currently awaiting a court date after the Phelps County prosecutor in charge of the case charged him with four misdemeanor charges, including, sexual misconduct, third-degree assault, harassment and stalking. Dixon also faces a felony charge for tampering with a motor vehicle.

On Thursday, the judge asked the Missouri Supreme Court to assign a special judge to hear the case.

Sergeant Robert Vaughn of the Missouri State Highway Patrol investigated the allegations against Dixon and presented his findings in a probable cause statement to Osage County authorities.

According to the statement, Dixon hosted a social event at his house June 24. Osage County dispatchers received a call around 11:45 p.m. that night, saying a fight had broken out at Lange's Tire Shop in Belle.

Dixon, another deputy and the victim went to the scene in Dixon's patrol car and arrived shortly before midnight.

The victim said she contacted Erica Midkiff, wife of Belle police chief Tyler Midkiff, in order to get Tyler to the scene as the chief was off duty. Erica Midkiff was riding in a car with her husband.

At the scene, the victim said she bent down to speak with Erica Midkiff. The victim said Dixon came up behind her with a flashlight, and used the flashlight to touch her near her genitalia and up her back.

The victim responded by hitting Dixon's flashlight and cursing at him, according to the statement.

The victim said Dixon then said "My bad, I'm sorry, I suppose that's inappropriate."

Erica Midkiff confirmed the victim's allegations.

On June 26, Dixon went to the victim's house according to the statement and confronted the victim's fiance, Nathan Abel.

Abel said Dixon wanted to speak with the victim and Abel told him she was at work. At the time, the victim was at the Midkiff's home.

According to the statement, Dixon made repeated calls and went into the victim's home in an attempt to locate her. When he was unsuccessful, Dixon reportedly took Abel's four-wheeler even though Abel told Dixon not to.

Abel texted the victim to alert her Dixon was looking for her. The victim then drove away from the Midkiff's residence in her patrol car outside the city limits of Belle.

According to the statement, Dixon went back to Abel's house and continued questioning Abel about the victim's whereabouts.

The statement continued, saying the victim came home in the early morning hours on June 27 to ensure Dixon was not present and drew a gun as she searched the home.

The Highway Patrol said the incidents followed months of sexually explicit comments from Dixon directed at the victim.

Click here to read the probable cause statement.

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