Electronic Receipts Delayed For Some Tax Returns

Posted: Apr 17, 2013 12:44 PM by India Everett
Updated: Apr 17, 2013 4:24 PM

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JEFFERSON CITY - Department of Revenue officials said Wednesday some taxpayers have not received electronic receipts showing they have filed their taxes electronically. CPA Dale Siebeneck with Evers & Company CPAs in Jefferson City said his company has seen many of the tax returns it filed in the last four to five days have yet to go through, and are still listed as pending.

"These same returns had already been accepted by the IRS. It does appear there has been an issue. All we can do is to monitor the status to see if the state can clear up the issue. If they do not show acceptance, we may have to resend," said Siebeneck in an email.

Ted Farnen, the director of communications for the Missouri Department of Revenue, said there are three major factors for the delay. Farnen said the IRS intake systems were partially down for about half the day on Friday--the last business day before tax day. Farnen said the Missouri Department of Revenue system had a number of error reports lasting about a week that required maintenance, slowing down the process of the returns being downloaded. And Farnen said the volume of responses being processed by a slightly new tax system between the federal government and the states has slowed response times.

Farnen said those who turned in their taxes on time--even if they do not have an electronic receipt--do not face any penalties.

Siebeneck is prepared to provide evidence to prove that his clients submitted their taxes before deadline if that's what it takes to avoid the penalties. Farnen said precautions like that should not be necessary because there are electronic means of determining the time and date of tax return submission.

To check the status of tax returns, visit the Missouri Department of Revenue website.

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