Fact Check: Susan Montee's Latest Ad

Posted: Nov 1, 2012 8:47 PM by Stacy Ike
Updated: Nov 1, 2012 10:32 PM

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JEFFERSON CITY - Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Susan Montee, released an attack ad on her incumbent opponent Peter Kinder on October 16.

Montee makes allegations about Kinder's spending habits as Lt. Governor.

"Peter Kinder misused tax dollars on his personal lifestyle...staying at luxury hotels."

KOMU labels the claim true because Kinder has stayed at hotels for 329 nights since 2006. In that time Kinder billed the state $35,050 for those nights.

Montee also claims Kinder is too close with lobbyists.

"A career politician, Kinder has been pocketing gifts from lobbyists for twenty years."

KOMU labels this claim an exaggeration (half-true) because according to the Missouri Ethics Commission data, Kinder has not accepted more than $1,000 from lobbyists since 2009. Both Kinder and Montee receive campaign contributions as well as gifts from lobbyists.

However, since Montee has served as state auditor, she has reimbursed all of the money lobbyists spent on her. Kinder has not released an ad since his defeat against Brad Lager in August.

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