Friday Night Fever

Fan Reports, Score Updates Show Fever for Mid-Mo Football Games

Posted: Sep 14, 2013 6:57 AM by KOMU 8 Digital Staff
Updated: Jun 2, 2014 2:48 PM

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COLUMBIA - Friday night football in mid-Missouri featured a blackout, several blowouts and a homecoming.

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Several teams scored more than 50 points Friday night, including Westran, Helias and South Callaway.

The matchup named the country's top high school football rivalry lived up to expectations, with the Brookfield Bulldogs pulling out a 16 - 14 win against the Marceline Tigers.

California scored its third shutout in its game against Eldon, 38 - 0.

One of the oddest events of the night may have been the 18-minute power outage at Southern Boone.

Below is our real-time coverage for Friday Night Fever, including scores as they came in and photos from our fans and crews. KOMU News 8 will be doing this every week of the season.

Tweet your game photos to us @komunews or @komusports to show us what's happening where you are. If it's easier, email us at [email protected]

Be sure to watch Friday Night Fever, which airs Fridays at 10 p.m. during the season. Chris Gervino puts together our Play of the Week poll. Check back Sunday for that.

Below is the events as they played out in real time. Items are posted in reverse chronological order, so the newest is on top.

From Madi Morris: Knox County leads Fayette 26-17 in the 3rd quarter.

Final scores in for two games.

South Callaway dominated Scotland Co. 55 - 0.

California puts another big scorer on the board, posting 38 to Eldon's 0.

Action shot! Up and over.

From James Packard: California - 38, Eldon - 0 8:06 Q4. Jerry Lutz with 3 yd. TD.

A great picture from the scene of a top rivalry:

From Justin Cowan: Mexico-7, Marshall-0 3:00 remaining in the third quarter.

From James Packard: California - 31, Eldon - 0 3:13 Q3. TD by Jaden Barr.

From Clayton Conness: Marceline responds with a quick TD before. They now lead 14-13 over Brookfield at halftime.

A special celebration at Fayette tonight, but they're down by 3 points against Knox County.

From Eric Kelly: Wyatt King records his 2nd TD as Hannibal caps a 9 play, 48 yd. drive with a 1 yd score. Hannibal leads 21-7 in the 3Q.

From James Packard: California - 24, Eldon - 0 5:37 Q3. Jerry Lutz with Pintos' 4 yd. TD run.

From Madi Morris: Knox County leads Fayette in their Homecoming game at the half 20-17.

From Mihir Bhagat: Osage 20 -Southern Boone 12 in 2nd QTR after Eagles David Holland scored on a 78-yard punt return.

Rock Bridge Leads Har-Ber (Ark.) 35-14 at halftime.

The Hallsville Indians gather on the sidelines at halftime.

It's halftime at some games. Here's a shot from Boonville fan Julie Brown.

From Shaver Shannon: Fort Zumwalt up 10-6 at halftime over Hickman.

From Eric Kelly: At halftime, in the battle of the pirates, Hannibal leads Boonville 14-7.

From Andrew Kauffman: Tolton - 7, Westran - 49 Jake Ingebritson 14 yd run 4:43 2Q.

Here's an update on California versus Eldon from Lucas Geisler: WR Dylan Albertson headed to the locker room. His foot was taped up earlier.

The Friday night lights are back on!

Here's another shot of the blackout at Southern Boone.

From Andrew Kauffman: Father Tolton - 7, Westran - 35 Richard Courtney 46-yd INT 8:25 2Q. Courtney also leads the team in tackles this year.

From Marcus Samuel: One yard rush by QB Francis for Salisbury. Salisbury-21, Schuyler Co.-0. Late 2Q.

From Mark Bergin: Blair Oaks - 19, Hallsville 0. Q2 7:31. Dominic Jamerson with the 5 yard TD rush. He has 3 TDs tonight.

From Eric Kelly: Boonville cuts the lead in half on a 70-yard TD grab by Austin Hilbert. With 7:16 left in the 2Q, Hannibal leads 14-7.

From Shaver Shannon: Field goal by Fort Zumwalt's Thomas Czerniejewski. Fort Zumwalt up 10-6 in the second quarter.

From Madi Morris: 9 yard touchdown pass to Royce Poore. Knox County Eagles lead the Fayette Falcons 14-10.

In the dark for a while at Southern Boone.

From Paxton DiBlasi: Paris with another touchdown and another 2 point conversion. Current score is 22-0 with 53.4 seconds left in the first.

From Mark Kim: Fulton - 7, North Callaway - 7 in 2Q. Fulton WR Dalton Horstmeier with an 80 yard receiving TD.

From Gregory Dailey: Smith Kemper with a 35 yard pick-six for the Bulldogs. South Callaway up 28-0 at the end of the first.

From Mark Bergin: Blair Oaks - 13, Hallsville 0. Q1 0:41. 66 yard TD pass from Jordan Hair to Dominic Jamerson.

Latest scores:

Fort Zumwalt goes up against Hickman 7-6.

California scores three more, now 10-0 against Eldon.

Hannibal gets 14 versus Boonville.

A 66-yard touchdown pass puts Blair Oaks up against Hallsville.

Recent touchdowns!

Here's a series of tweets from our folks at the games.

More scores coming in:

Paris 6 - North Shelby 0

South Callaway 8 - Scotland County 0

Salisbury 14 - Schuyler Co. 0

Hannibal 7 - Boonville 0

Fayette 10 - Knox County 8

Here are the Southern Boone Eagles' cheerleaders showing off their skills.

Westran just scored again against Tolton, game now 13 - 0.

California leads Eldon 7 - 0

Got some mid-game scores for you:

Westran 7 - Tolton 0.

Knox City 8 - Fayette 7 (a real nail-biter so far).

Hickman 6 - Fort Zumwalt East 0.

Meredith Norfleet is showing her school spirit with a great big smile.

Here's another from Matt Garrett of Jim Riek and the gang getting ready for the game.

Matt Garrett sent this from the FNF team.

We've got dozens of people at the games. Here's one of the first tweets, getting ready for the game of the week.

Week Three Scores

Hickman 12 @ Fort Zumwalt East 18
45 @ Southern Boone 20
Marceline 14 @ Brookfield 16
0 @ California 38
Hannibal 35 @ Boonville 7
Blair Oaks
38 @ Hallsville 8
North Callaway
14 @ Fulton 54
7 @ Westran 59
North Shelby 0 @ Paris 35
7 @ Mexico 14
Knox County 40 @ Fayette 17
Schulyer County 0 @ Salisbury 42
St. James 0 @ Hermann 41
20 @ Lebanon 17
54 @ Mark Twain 8
Moberly 28 @ Kirksville 14
Cole Camp @ Sacred Heart (Saturday)
Rock Bridge 55 @ Har-Bar (Arkansas) 29
Helias 51 @ Quincy Notre Dame 12
Jefferson City 24 @ Fayetteville (Arkansas) 34
Macon 40 @ Monroe City 12
MMA 7 @ Winfield 34
Wright City 14 @ Montgomery County 43
Palmyra 56 @ South Shelby 14
Milan 38 @ Slater 7
Orchard Farm 0 @ Smith-Cotton 39
Scotland County 0 @ South Callaway 55
Battle 45 @ Butler 21
Tipton 49 @ Windsor 6
Versailles 16 @ Warsaw 40
Waynesville 6 @ Kickapoo 36
Van Far @ Principia (Saturday)

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