Flint Knappers Unite

Posted: May 28, 2007 6:51 PM

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It's called a "knap-in"....But this gathering has very little to do with sleep.In tonight's sarah's story, komu's sarah hill and videographer scott schaefer found a group that really rocks.We have people from all over the country."Michael williams: "we have people that knap together. ""make things to go on my wall at home and socialize with degenerates like this." flint knapper michael williams said."i've been biting my tongue, you better watch it."Williams:" the basic criteria is the rock has to be able to fracture in any direction. This flake i need to take off here. I'll build a platform here. The abrasion is to strengthen the edge. If you don't strengthen the edge all you do if knock off the sharp edge. "Bob hunt/flint knapper:" i always tell people it's like pool as long as you get your angles right unless there's a flaw in the stone. ""that's the first rock i've broke in two days.""that's an example of what not to do"Williams:"the first flint knappers were the ancient people who needed sharp tools to cut mea, cut leather, things like that and one of the things they figured out was there were certain types of rock that would make a very sharp edge. Feel how sharp that is. Many people sell their points, there is a market for it. Many people like to buy points from prominent knappers. People like me i just can't get rid of them.""i just got a hard wood tip on them.""this isn't hard to explain it's just a different weapon system. ""this is the at-latl. This is the dart""it's just a stick with a handle on one end and a hook on the other. The hook goes onto the knock on the end of the dart. You flip it. It's the lever action of the long arm of the at-latl that actually does most of the propulsion. Obviously they're an effective weapons system because they were used for thousands of years to kill everything up to and above mammoth size. I put stone tips on these but they break mre easily so i just use these for target shooting. " iowa knapper john whittaker said.Williams: "this will be worked down until it looks something like this.."Hunt: "it's just very relaxing."Williams:"i'll be thinning this a little more and will make a point that looks something like one of these. "Hunt: " we start out with just a rock and we end up with a stone tool. You end up with something nice out of something that isn't anything really. "(Sound of pounding rock)If you'd like more information about napping, you can go to our website at kom-dot-com and click on "sarah's stories". Web: Please post this link on sarah's stories and links and numbers. The following link will take you to "chips", the main flintknapping magazine. The magazine (ca. 16 pages/quarter) Is a source of "how to" information, upcoming knapping events, rock and tool sources, more advanced techniques, discussions of various authentic point styles and how to replicate them, knapper profiles, etc. Chips -- the flintknapping www.Worldatlatl.Org for information on the spear throwing sport.News publication And
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