Mid-Missouri Twins Launch Virtual Store

Posted: May 10, 2013 8:27 AM by Karline Swan
Updated: May 11, 2013 9:27 PM

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BOONE COUNTY- A new Mid-Missouri company opened for business online Friday morning. The company's launch coincided with Small Business Week in Columbia.

The idea for a company began when, twins, Brynne and Bailye Stansberry competed for Moberly High School in a DECA competition.

"It was Bailye who said boots, we're in the season for boots at the time and she said let's do something with boots," said Brynne.

"Twoality started out as just an idea of transparent boots with interchangeable liners," said Bailye.

They twin's patent was approved while they were going to school at Columbia College.

"We started the process right after we received our patent. When we were 19," said Brynne.

"There were a few different footwear groups that reached out to us, more on a licensing agreement situation," said Bailye.

Bailye said their business degrees helped with the creation of TwoAlity, but there were some things a textbook could not teach them.

"We kept running into different issues [with different footwear companies] that gave us bad gut feelings and we thought you know what we have really done all of these things on our own let's see if we can launch on our own," said Bailye.

One thing Brynne and Bailye felt strongly about was where the boots are made. During the twin's freshmen year of college, they met Sean Siebert sits on TwoAlity's board of directors. Siebert has become a mentor for Brynne and Bailye. Siebert has helped them work through several things along the way.

"We set out to do this project four years ago we had a commitment to try and do this in the United States," said Siebert.

Throughout the development of a prototype, the team worked with different companies from around the country. Eventually Brynne and Bailye decided on a manufacturer out of California for the boots and a manufacturer out of Glasgow, Mo. for the liners. The twins say the next step in building their brand was a storefront. They are not going with a traditional brick and mortar store.

"Right now we are just going to be e-commerce, but I think it's more about the experience. [The customers] come to have fun and shop," said Bailye.

Regardless of how the seller and buyers meet, Brynne said her dream is for TwoAlity to grow and become well known.

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