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Mizzou Tigers Head "Home" to Play on Texas Soil

Posted: Jan 3, 2014 2:20 PM by Maddy Glab, KOMU8 Sports Reporter
Updated: Jan 3, 2014 3:20 PM

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ARLINGTON, Texas - Mizzou football players and coaches jokingly said half the football team is from Texas. It can definitely seem that way when 32 players on the roster are from the Lone Star State.

That creates a bond and a sense of pride from the Texas players. A sense of pride because there's talent in Texas with more than 30 players on the team being from the state.

Since the Cotton Bowl is in Texas and a lot of members of the Mizzou football team are from Texas, there are also a few problems.

The biggest problem is getting enough tickets so family and friends from home who can't make it to games during the season can see the Mizzou Tigers in action.

Each player on the team gets six tickets, which according to them is not nearly enough for the game when most players are expecting more than 20 guests.

"Twenty, at least," Mizzou safety Ian Simon said.

"I mean with the six tickets we got, I think there's 20 who else want to go to the game and my dad bought 10," Mizzou offensive lineman Mitch Morse said. "So, I mean I've been begging."

"There aren't enough tickets to go around," Simon said. "There's not enough. There are too many Texas people on the team and not enough tickets."

"I need them," Mizzou cornerback EJ Gaines said. "So, if you find them, I need them."

Some players who aren't from Texas, like EJ Gaines said they're having problems finding tickets. But, those players said they understand the importance of a home game for the Texas players.

"A lot of guys are from Dallas and the Houston area so it's good for us to get back and see our families," Mizzou running back Henry Josey said. "We haven't seen them in a long time."

"This is a home game," Simon said. "Like, the stadium is ten minutes away from my house. All my family is going to be there, my whole town's going to show out there, so I feel like this is a home game to me."

The Cotton Bowl game is especially important to the seniors from Texas, some of which will be playing their last football game.

"I just think it's really cool," Mizzou quarterback James Franklin said. "It's kind of my home town I can go back and hopefully get a win."

"Man that is awesome," Mizzou defensive lineman Michael Sam said. "I am happy about that, to play on Texas soil, just amazing."

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