Mo. Farmers Harvest Corn Early in Drought

Posted: Oct 25, 2012 2:45 PM by Amy Couch
Updated: Oct 26, 2012 12:13 PM

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CALLAWAY COUNTY - Missouri corn farmers lost 45 percent of their crop this year to the intense effects of the drought. Because of the dry and hot weather conditions in the summer months, the corn crops germinated earlier and therefore farmers have already harvested two weeks earlier more than 75 percent of the crop in the state.

"You know it's probably the worst growing season that I've seen," said Mike Shryock of Shryock Farms.

However Missouri corn farmers are finding ways to stay in the green money-wise, despite the horrible conditions.

"Personally, my crops aren't that bad. I have an irrigation system that covers most of my corn acres and I've gotten a 200 bushel increase from that," said Shryock.

"There's always crop insurance, that certainly helps. Farmers won't earn as much money as they normally would in a growing season, but they certainly won't suffer," said State Extension Specialist of Corn and Soybeans Bill Wiebold.

Wiebold said because of the early expectations of a horrible growing season, corn prices have rised, allowing the farmers to make up their lost income in the few crops that were produced in the drought.

"The market has reacted early and farmers are definitely profitting from the higher corn prices," said Wiebold.

Shryock said that with the yield he has produced this year, he was able to profit in the midst of the drought.

"I've been able to pay for most of the irrigation equipment we've put up this year just for the crop."

Some farmers were not as lucky as him in producing a good corn crop.

"Whether you invest in crop insurance or irrigation, risk management is a part of the farming business. In a year like this, it was necessary to have it," said Shryock.

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