NAACP Rallies Against Voter ID Law

Posted: Mar 29, 2007 7:48 PM

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Protesters gathered on the Capitol steps this morning to show their concern.

Thenew voter ID law was signed by Gov. Blunt on June 14. It requiresvoters to show a Missouri drivers license, a non driver ID or a militaryID at the polls. The bill also allows those who don't have a photo IDto cast a provisional ballot until 2008. For that provisional ballot tocount, voters must get an affidavit from two election judges.

The new law is aimed at preventing voter fraud, but some say it's a large cost for a little security.

"Thosewho would give up freedom and liberty for security deserve neither andthat's usually what they wind up with," said Tadar Wazir, a protestor.

Protesters say the bill targets African Americans,the elderly, and those with disabilities because these people are lesslikely to have a photo ID or birth certificate.NAACP leaders say their main goal is to educate and prepare voters.

"Wecan go out to all parts of Missouri and educate citizens about what thebill is and means and to try and help them in every way that we can toassure that they have the proper identification to register and to votecome November," said Mary Ratliff, NAACP Local President.

Wazir says it will affect his own family.

"Becauseyou were born in this other state and you don't have a birthcertificate, you may not be able to vote in Missouri even though youlive here in Missouri."

There are some exceptions forthis November's election. Those include the elderly, mentally andphysically disabled and those with religious opposition to photo IDs.The new legislation will go into effect November 7.

Whenhe signed the bill Blunt said, "The right to vote is underminedwhenever fraud occurs. A system that the people do not trust, is asystem that undermines the people's trust in their elected government."

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