• Teal pumpkin project raises food allergy awareness

    Posted 2:40 AM 10/30/2014 by Katie Link, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLUMBIA - A new pop of color may be found on some front porches this Halloween. Food Allergy Resource & Education, or FARE, created the national teal pumpkin project this season to raise awareness of food allergies. The group is encouraging people to paint a pumpkin (More)

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  • Students taught to counteract active shooters

    Posted 11:00 PM 10/17/2014 by Julia Avery, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLUMBIA - Schools across the country are teaching their students how to respond if an intruder enters the building. The Columbia Public School District has changed its procedures over the last couple of years, and students said they feel safer with the new tactics. Some of these tactics however (More)

  • Major Kansas City corporation created famous Royals logo

    Posted 7:10 PM 10/28/2014 by Madi Morris, KOMU 8 News

    KANSAS CITY - The Hallmark Corporation, based in Kansas City, is responsible for the Royals' signature crown logo.

    Founded in 1910 when J.C. Hall decided to travel to Kansas City from Nebraska to sell postcards, Hallmark has become a billion dollar company. Although much of the company's (More)

  • Your View: Ebola Hoax Report

    Posted 9:59 PM 10/29/2014 by Camille Hayes and Andrew Kauffman, KOMU 8 Reporters

    COLUMBIA - On Oct. 16, KOMU posted a report on its Facebook page regarding an Ebola hoax in Cole County. The text that supplemented a link to the story said, "A ‘hoax' Ebola report sent first responders scrambling in Cole County this morning."

    One viewer was angry at our word choice. (More)

  • Mayor's task force to make recommendations to city council

    Posted 8:11 PM 10/29/2014 by Sara Maslar-Donar, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLUMBIA - Conference Room 1A in Columbia City Hall vibrated with lively debate Wednesday as the Mayor's Task Force on Community Violence tried to decide which recommendations to make to city council next week.

    Its November 7 deadline to submit any recommendations to council is coming up (More)

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  • Whimsical, bizarre images initially proposed for Royals logo

    Whimsical, bizarre images initially proposed for Royals logo

    Posted 3:29 PM 10/29/2014 by Annie Hammock, KOMU 8 Interactive Director

    COLUMBIA - The shirts, caps and pennants seen around Kansas City's Kauffman Stadium Wednesday night might look considerably different had another design been selected for the Royals' original logo back in 1968.

    The current logo hasn't strayed far from the one designed by Hallmark's Shannon (More)

  • Missouri health committee discusses improving health services

    Posted 3:28 PM 10/29/2014 by Madison Conklin, KOMU 8 Reporter

    JEFFERSON CITY - Some Missouri state representatives said they want to see a change in Missouri health care services and the health care workforce.

    The Joint Interim Committee on Health Care Workforce Development met Wednesday to listen to medical experts discuss the (More)

  • Education debate reaches north Africa

    Education debate reaches north Africa

    Posted 5:40 PM 10/29/2014 by James Packard, KOMU 8 Reporter

    MEKNES, Morocco - As the debate over Amendment 3 in mid-Missouri reaches its decision point, a nationwide labor strike in Morocco Wednesday left many classrooms empty as teachers joined throngs of other workers in taking a day off.

    The strike was an attempt to bring attention to what (More)

  • St. Louis man sentenced to life for Andre Hudson killing

    St. Louis man sentenced to life for Andre Hudson killing

    Posted 5:01 PM 10/29/2014 by Ben Wilson, KOMU 8 Digital Producer

    JEFFERSON CITY - A St. Louis man has been sentenced to life in prison plus 30 years for his involvement in the December 2012 shooting of Andre Hudson.

    36-year-old Calvin Hutson was sentenced Wednesday in Cole County on four separate counts.

    The counts include life imprisonment for (More)

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  • "Smart911" aims to protect trick or treaters for Halloween

    Posted 4:19 PM 10/29/2014 by Maddison Hill, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLUMBIA- Columbia parent Mendy Diel's 11-year-old daughter will transform into Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games when she goes trick-or-treating this Halloween.

    Diel said parents in her neighborhood take a couple precautions when trick-or-treating.

    "We pair up into groups," (More)

  • Ameren Missouri guides customers in wake of latest scam

    Ameren Missouri guides customers in wake of latest scam

    Posted 4:18 PM 10/29/2014 by Ben Wilson, KOMU 8 Digital Producer

    COLUMBIA - Ameren Missouri released several new tips Wednesday after a recent scam targeted its customers.

    The latest scam involved a thief who called Ameren Missouri customers and claimed to represent the company. The scam artist mentioned a usage report that is sometimes sent to Ameren (More)

  • Top 10 by 20 education plan is updated despite some opposition

    Posted 4:14 PM 10/29/2014 by Julia Avery, KOMU 8 Reporter

    JEFFERSON CITY - The State Board of Education approved the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's (DESE) Top 10 by 20 plan Tuesday night. The statewide improvement plan launched in 2009 and aims for student achievement in Missouri to rank among the top 10 states by the year (More)

  • Check scam uses homeless people to do the dirty work

    Posted 2:37 PM 10/29/2014 by Jessica Mensch, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLUMBIA - The Columbia Police Department is investigating a check scam in which the culprits are bribing homeless people to front the crime.

    Detective Steve Wilmoth, head of the investigation, said a group from out of town has been stealing local business checks to get bank routing (More)

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