• Couple charged in infant's death

    Couple charged in infant's death

    Posted 10:10 AM 12/18/2014 by The Associated Press

    PARK HILLS (AP) - An eastern Missouri husband and wife are facing charges for the death of a 3-month-old foster child.

    The Daily Journal newspaper in Park Hills reports that 23-year-old Tyler Finley and his 22-year-old wife, Olivia Finley, of rural Park Hills are charged with child abuse (More)

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  • Fire blamed for St. Louis power outages

    Fire blamed for St. Louis power outages

    Posted 10:08 AM 12/18/2014 by The Associated Press

    ST. LOUIS (AP) - A fire is blamed for a power outage that left thousands of St. Louis residents without electricity on a cold night.

    The underground fire broke out Wednesday in north St. Louis, due to an electrical equipment malfunction. The fire is out and crews are working to make (More)

  • Engine failure blamed for Boonville plane crash

    Engine failure blamed for Boonville plane crash

    Posted 10:03 AM 12/18/2014 by The Associated Press

    BOONVILLE (AP) - A preliminary report says engine failure caused a small plane crash in central Missouri that killed a man from Kansas.

    The National Transportation Safety Board's report does not suggest what might have caused the engine to fail when a plane went down Nov. 30 near a (More)

  • St. Louis budget plan would add officers

    St. Louis budget plan would add officers

    Posted 9:56 AM 12/18/2014 by The Associated Press

    ST. LOUIS (AP) - St. Louis city officials are proposing to spend $9.4 million to put more police officers on the street, hoping to stem a tide of rising violence in the city.

    The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that city officials want to add 160 officers over the next two years. Officials (More)

  • Snow causes multiple crashes, delays in Boone County

    Posted 9:14 AM 12/18/2014 by Christina Santiago, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLUMBIA - Authorities reported 13 car accidents between 4:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. in Columbia and Boone County Thursday after morning snowfall.

    Snow started falling late Wednesday night, going into early Thursday morning. Weather maps showed one to two inches landing throughout (More)

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  • City officials look to use private funds to hire firm

    Posted 8:25 AM 12/18/2014 by Greg Dailey, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLUMBIA - A decision to not hire a retail firm isn't stopping some city officials.

    The city council rejected bringing in Retail Strategies at Monday's meeting, listing two main reasons:

    • private funds, not public (More)
  • Decision on Callaway Nuclear Plant delayed

    Decision on Callaway Nuclear Plant delayed

    Posted 7:32 AM 12/18/2014 by The Associated Press

    FULTON (AP) - Federal officials are delaying a decision on issuing a 20-year extension for the Callaway County nuclear power plant.

    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission said the decision is on hold pending an administrative hearing on an environmental group's legal challenge regarding spent (More)

  • Mid-Missouri police demographics show women underrepresented

    Mid-Missouri police demographics show women underrepresented

    Posted 7:15 PM 12/14/2014 by Amy Money, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLUMBIA - Recent events in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson triggered a lot of national criticism over the racial demographics of police departments. 

    In Columbia however, there isn't a huge discrepancy between the number of minority residents and the number of minorities working in (More)

  • Students hold vigil for victims in Pakistani school massacre

    Posted 7:15 PM 12/17/2014 by Sara Maslar-Donar, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLUMBIA - About 30 people stood in complete silence for 141 seconds, while the candles they held in their cold hands burned brightly.

    On Tuesday, members of the Taliban laid siege to a school in Peshawar, Pakistan. After 8 hours and more than 140 victims,132 of them children, the country (More)

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  • Emergency responders simulate protocol for infectious diseases

    Posted 12:54 PM 12/17/2014 by Madison Conklin, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLE COUNTY - Emergency responders traded in their normal work attire for Hazmat suits Wednesday for a drill in Cole County.

    The county health department put on a simulation to train and prepare emergency personnel for an outbreak of Ebola or other highly (More)

  • Fulton will see improvements to its sewer system

    Posted 6:56 PM 12/17/2014 by Brittany Rendak, KOMU 8 Reporter

    FULTON - The city of Fulton will soon see some improvements to its sewer system. The city council approved a 2014 Sewer Manhole Rehabilitation Project Tuesday night. The project will be funded with a $543,000 grant. 

    The city engineer, Greg Hayes, said the current problem with the (More)

  • Fed: Fewer men are participating in the workforce

    Posted 6:28 PM 12/17/2014 by Michael Doudna, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLUMBIA - Men are becoming more inactive in the workforce, according to data from the Federal Reserve. 

    According to the report, 11.5 percent of men aged 25-54 are not working or looking for work. 

    The rate seems to grow no matter the economic environment. The inactivity (More)

  • Mid-Missouri Cubans speak out about U.S-Cuba relationship

    Posted 5:45 PM 12/17/2014 by Marcel Clarke, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLUMBIA - Despite differences in human rights and foreign policies, President Barack Obama announced Wednesday the embargo between the United States and Cuba may soon be lifted.

    The embargo has been active for over a century and has complicated diplomatic relations. However with this new (More)

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