Police Report Details Allegations Against Dixon

Posted: Nov 28, 2012 11:24 AM by Ashley Zavala
Updated: Nov 28, 2012 1:58 PM

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COLUMBIA - After submitting a sunshine request, KOMU 8 News received a police report Wednesday from the Columbia Police Department detailing the allegation of forcible rape against MU basketball player Michael Dixon. Dixon has been suspended from all six Missouri games and two exhibitions so far this season. He has been with the team and sitting on the bench.

The 45-page report details a woman's claims of rape against Dixon. According to the documents, on August 20th, 2012 at 12:15 a.m. the victim said she invited Michael Dixon over to her house in an attempt to get to know him better. Prior to Dixon going to her house, the victim said text messages between the two expressed there would be no sexual activity during this encounter. The woman claims that, after sitting in her apartment for a while, Dixon requested they turn off the lights in the room in which the two were sitting. After the victim said she felt uncomfortable turning off the lights, she said Dixon advised her to "just chill." The woman claims the two argued for a short while about turning off the lights and she said she finally gave in. After turning off the lights, the woman claims the two went into the victim's bedroom, laid in her bed and began talking as a means to get to know each other better.

In the bed, the woman said Dixon leaned in and the two began to kiss. She said they continued to kiss until Dixon stopped and got on top of her. She said she told Dixon she did not want this to turn sexual, she just wanted to kiss him. She said Dixon replied, "Just chill out." She claims he continued to tell her to "chill out" as he tugged at her pajama pants. The victim did not have any underwear on beneath the pajama pants and said she tried to keep them up for a while, but Dixon eventually got them off. The victim said she was uncomfortable with her pants coming off and told Dixon to stop multiple times to which she said he continued to reply, "Just chill out."

The victim said she attempted to push Dixon off of her but was unsuccessful. The victim said Dixon did not hold her down or grab her, but that she was just unable to lift him up off of her. She claims Dixon did not have on a shirt and his pants were halfway down at this point. She said Dixon attempted to have intercourse at that point, to which she said she responded "No, you don't even have protection. This is disgusting." She said Dixon then reached into his pocket, pulled out a condom and put the condom upon himself.

After a short while, the woman said Dixon did enter her for intercourse. The woman said the act caused her pain and she was unable to move. The woman claims intercourse went on for 20 minutes. She said she just let it happen and didn't know why. The woman said she was not afraid of being struck or contacted physically from Dixon if she were to refuse what he asked. Getting dressed after intercourse, the woman claims she told Dixon, "I'm putting my pants on because this was never supposed to happen in the first place." The woman said she went on to tell Dixon she did not want to have sex with him because he is a basketball athlete and "all the basketball players like to have sex with all the girls."

The woman said Dixon later asked her to perform oral sex on him, but she refused. The woman said she did agree to masturbate him. She said afterward, Dixon got up, got dressed and left the apartment. The woman said she sent Dixon a text message after he left apologizing for yelling at him and requesting he text her when he was free. She said Dixon responded to both of these text messages with "Okay."

The police said they collected evidence from the woman's apartment including Mizzou-themed bed sheets and a bed spread, a rag the woman claims Dixon used to clean himself, the woman's pajama pants, and a used condom and condom wrapper. The woman said she did not initially report the offense because she did not want to go through a rape examination and police reports. She also said she was afraid of seeing Dixon on campus, stating that since he is an athlete and that people would not take her seriously. The woman said she originally met Dixon at a University of Missouri fraternity house, the two danced and exchanged numbers. She described their relationship as annoying because she said he would stand her up, she was always wanting to see him and hang out with him. She said Dixon was always busy or only wanted to come over late at night.

Police said they reviewed a series of text messages between the woman and Dixon. The woman sent Dixon a text message in September requesting he delete her number because she did not want anything to do with him. She went on to say via text message, "What kind of person has sex with someone and then doesn't want to contact them. I barely text you, I didn't even want to have sex with you in the beginning, I pretty much made that clear to you since last semester, but no michael always get what michael wants."

On November 16, the case was closed due to insufficient evidence to file criminal charges.

The report said the University of Missouri Athletic department knew about the incident between Dixon and the woman since the week it was reported to have occurred.

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