Tabby Cat Safe After Garbage Bag Incident

Posted: Jun 20, 2013 9:19 AM by Rebecca Neth
Updated: Jun 20, 2013 1:00 PM

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COLUMBIA - A tabby cat is safe at Horton Animal Hospital off Paris Road Thursday. The cat was found Wednesday morning with a garbage bag tied tightly around his neck. Horton Animal Hospital officials said they do not think someone tied the bag around the cats neck, but he may have gotten caught while searching for food.

A team member from Columbia Second Chance, a shelter and fostering program for homeless dogs and cats, found the cat Wednesday morning. The cat suffered from a few ticks and is still awaiting test results.

Horton Animal Hospital employee Bethel Despair said the cat is one to two years old. Despair believes the tabby cat was dumped because he is extremely comfortable around workers. "Right now he just wants a lot of attention." Despair said.

Columbia Second Chance executive director Valerie Schaffin said kittens and cats that have been through experiences such as this are not quite ready and able to be placed in a busy, multi-animal setting like the shelter.

Volunteer, Diann Stelzer said there is more cat reproduction in the warmer months. "We run into this every year. Spring usually brings us a lot of pregnant mama's which means we have a lot of kittens." Stelzer said. "We were actually expecting the influx a couple months ago but it's turned out that June is the influx. June is bad every year, people find cats and kittens everywhere. This is kitten season. It happens every year."

Stelzer said Columbia Second Chance would love to have more foster homes for the increase in cats and kittens.

"In the case of cats and kittens, it's not so good." Stelzer said. "There's just too many and not enough homes."

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