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When Reporters Fall Short

Posted: Mar 12, 2011 9:36 AM by Sarah Hill and Robert Kessler

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As journalists, we are dedicated to bringing you truthful, objective, and thorough news stories, but one viewer claims earlier this month, we fell short of those goals.

"It seems to me that they once sourced the whole thing, both of these," Boonville resident Frank Thatcher said. "They found one person complaining or had a complaint and they took that and ran it as the story."

Thatcher is referring to a story we aired on April 7 about a tower collapse at the historic Kemper Military Academy in Boonville.

"The piece implied that Boonville did not care about its history and that's as wrong as anything I've heard on KOMU," Thatcher said. "This is a town with over 400 registered national historic places, more than any other community or city in the entire state of Missouri. If there's any city that takes its history seriously it's Boonville, we just worked real hard to save the Katy Bridge here."

In situations like this, we examine the questions we did or didn't ask, the information we did or didn't tell and the opinions we did or didn't mention.

"I totally agree with our viewer, I think we needed to ask more questions," KOMU New Media Director Jen Reeves said. "I think we needed to get a few more answers to tell the whole story."

"I just wish the reporter in that piece would have come to someone from the Friends of Historic Boonville or City Hall and ask about our plans for preservation in the community," Thatcher said. "Once again, the article wasn't wrong in its inception, it just didn't go far enough to explain what is actually being done to solve some of these problems."

"We need to be honest and just say yeah, 'this is one time where we didn't do it the right way, the best way,'" Reeves said. "I appreciate having viewers that are willing to say that and make sure we know to contact them next time."

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