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YOUR VIEW: Women's Sports Coverage on KOMU 8 News

Posted: Mar 13, 2013 4:53 PM by Dan Kennedy and Danielle Carter
Updated: Mar 15, 2013 6:49 PM

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COLUMBIA - Our KOMU 8 News sports team has been bringing you, the viewer, the very latest in local and national sports news for the past several decades. From Mizzou football to the Rock Bridge High School's women's basketball team, our sports crew covers it all. However, one viewer feels as though KOMU 8 News does not balance its coverage when covering men's and women's sports.

One viewer commented on a post complaining that KOMU typically leads its sportscast with men's sports. They were frustrated because Columbia has so many excellent female athletes.

In response to the comment, KOMU 8's Chris Gervino, sportscaster, says that he leads his sportscasts with the sport the most people are discussing. In mid-Missouri, two sports in particular stick out the most.

"Men's basketball and football at Mizzou have been the most popular based on overwhelming feedback in 25 years of doing this," Gervino said.

In addition, it all depends on what sport is going on at the time, and Gervino said with basketball coming to an end, KOMU sportscasts will soon be leading with a different sport.

"In fact, coming up in the next few months, folks will often see us leading with Missouri softball because that team is a national power and has really drawn a lot of interest in recent years," Gervino said.

KOMU 8 sports producer Ashley Colley, an avid sports fan herself and co-founder of the MU chapter of "Women in Sports Media," says not just gender has to be taken into consideration when planning a show's rundown.

"There's a lot of things that we have to consider whenever we're planning out a sportscast," Colley said. "And we do try and take everything into consideration but records, viewership totals, that all comes in to how we plan the rundown."

Colley also says timing plays a huge part in what comes first in a sportscast.

"The girls play later in the day, so they'll be second in that situation, you want the earliest game first," Colley said. "If they advance to the finals though, and the Hickman boys did not, that would be an instance where they would get preference because they're playing for a state championship."

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