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    Hearing kicks off Monday for Grain Belt Express Clean Line

    Posted 1:56 PM 11/10/2014 by John Zupon, KOMU 8 Reporter

    JEFFERSON CITY - Lawyers for the Grain Belt Express Clean Line and those representing landowners and other firms met in Jefferson City Monday in front of the Missouri Public Service Commission to express their views on the proposal. 

    The project is a high-voltage, direct current (More)

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    Energy prices could spike with heavier EPA regulation of coal

    Posted 4:58 PM 10/7/2014 by Tiege Dooley-Panko, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLUMBIA - No matter the outcome of an EPA ruling in December, energy prices are expected to increase for consumers across the country.

    "The consumer will be affected because any measures taken to decommission a coal ash pond or change the way the coal ash is handled, we'll see an (More)

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    Precious goods go to waste without recycling options

    Posted 1:58 PM 9/22/2014 by Tiege Dooley-Panko, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLUMBIA - Highly usable recyclable goods like cardboard boxes and aluminum cans sit among piles of trash in dumpsters across the city.

    Much of it comes from apartment complexes around Columbia that don't offer recycling.

    Columbia resident Krystal Brady said she grew up recycling (More)

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    Citizen Jane Film Festival sees growth, still lags behind others

    Posted 3:35 PM 11/7/2014 by Genevieve Reaume and Hannah Shaw, KOMU 8 Reporters

    COLUMBIA -- The seventh annual Citizen Jane Film Festival began Thursday on the Stephens College campus.

    While the annual event has seen continued growth over the last few years, women's centered film festival still lags behind both Roots N Blues N BBQ and the True False Film Festival in (More)

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    Rapid increase in the use of electronics means more e-waste

    Posted 1:51 PM 9/22/2014 by Arial Ruffin, KOMU 8 Reporter

    ROLLA - New data shows consumers on track to buy more electronic devices than ever before and, if the current trend continues, most of those devices will end up in your local landfill.

    While many states are passing laws to prevent e-waste from going into landfills and incinerators, it's (More)

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    Environmentalist groups fight nuclear power plant licensing

    Posted 4:30 PM 10/14/2014 by Brittany Rendak, KOMU 8 News

    FULTON - Clean energy organizations around the U.S., including one from Missouri, filed a new petition to challenge the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's ability to issue new reactor licenses and license renewals.

    The 17 groups argue that the NRC has not fully addressed the issues what (More)

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    Sustainable Living Fair in Columbia Promotes Future Thinking

    Posted 12:50 PM 10/18/2014 by Ashley Holt, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLUMBIA -Mid-Missouri Peaceworks hosted its Sustainable Living Fair today in Columbia's City Hall.

    Residents were invited to partake in a variety workshops and approach booths that provided information on how to live more environmentally friendly lifestyles.

    Topics covered included (More)

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    City encourages a different way to take care of your lawn

    Posted 12:47 PM 10/18/2014 by Sara Maslar-Donar, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLUMBIA - About 20 people filled a room in city hall to learn how and why they should switch to a more cost efficient and environmentally friendly way of caring for their laws and gardens.

    Composting is a way to take advantage of nature's natural decay cycle to create an organic soil (More)

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    Columbia leads the way in reducing greenhouse gas emission

    Posted 5:39 PM 10/3/2014 by Arial Ruffin, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLUMBIA - Organic practices are being researched as means to counteract the increase in greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in Missouri have increased substantially due to population growth, while GHG emissions in Columbia have declined, according to data from the the (More)

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    Expert questions EPA's excitement about fuel efficiency

    Posted 1:33 PM 10/9/2014 by Tiege Dooley-Panko, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLUMBIA - The EPA said Wednesday fuel economy was at an all time high in the United States. A local energy expert who works closely with (More)

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    Campaign urges Missourians to stop the spread of invasive plant

    Posted 3:59 PM 10/3/2014 by Katie Moeller, KOMU 8 Reporter

    BOONE COUNTY - Bill Ruppert came out to his farm near Ashland Sunday with one mission - getting rid of bush honeysuckle. The plant may smell sweet, but bush honeysuckle is a serious problem for Missouri, according to a new campaign.

    "As you can see, it's taking over a lot of my property," (More)

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    Beekeepers abuzz about honey harvest, winters approach

    Beekeepers abuzz about honey harvest, winters approach

    Posted 3:58 PM 10/6/2014 by Caleb O’Brien, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLUMBIA - In a room in the back of a large building just north of I-70, the air was thick with the smell of hot wax and honey. Jim Duever leaned into the hand crank, spinning a centrifuge affixed to a rickety folding table.

    Inside the machine, centrifugal force was flinging honey out from (More)

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