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    Rock Salt Affecting Water Sources and Wildlife

    Posted 6:22 PM 4/4/2014 by Andie Lowenstein, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLUMBIA - The harsh winter weather caused crews to spread roads and sidewalks with rock salt. New research is showing large amounts of salt on the roads may be affecting the environment.

    The City of Columbia used about 4,000 tons of rock salt this winter, which is a little more than last (More)

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    Community Members Clean Up Blue Spring Creek

    Posted 10:26 AM 3/30/2014 by Tatiana Darie, KOMU 8 Reporter

    MILLER COUNTY - Mid-Missourians spent their Sunday afternoon cleaning up a stretch of the Blue Spring Creek in Miller County.

    The Save Blue Springs Stream Team held the cleanup as part of a statewide initiative that aims to improve the waters of Missouri. Earlier this month the (More)

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    Eldon Furniture Turns On Solar Panels For First Time

    Posted 10:14 PM 3/12/2014 by Jessica Park, KOMU 8 Reporter

    ELDON - Eldon Furniture took its first step in going green by turning on the 80 solar panels that are installed on the company's roof for the first time on Feb. 26.

    John Caine, the owner of Eldon Furniture, said he got this idea after going to a seminar sponsored by the Eldon Chamber of (More)

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    Spring Cleaning Creates Opportunity for Extra Cash

    Posted 3:12 PM 3/12/2014 by Meredith Albair, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLUMBIA - The first day of spring is approaching, and for many people it means spring cleaning is becoming a priority.

    Cheryl Guthrie is the owner of New Beginning Consignment Clothing. She said consignment is a great way to both earn and save for consumers.

    "I've always loved the (More)

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    KOMU 8 News Improving "8 Goes Green" Franchise

    KOMU 8 News Improving "8 Goes Green" Franchise

    Posted 4:17 PM 3/9/2014 by KOMU 8 News Digital Staff

    COLUMBIA - This spring, KOMU 8 News is revamping its "8 Goes Green" franchise and we need your help. We want to know what you want to see and how you want to see KOMU 8 News cover environmental issues in Mid-Missouri.

    We ask that you take a short survey to help us deliver exactly what you (More)

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    Nature Reserve Fights Franklin Co. Concrete Plant

    Nature Reserve Fights Franklin Co. Concrete Plant

    Posted 8:55 PM 3/7/2014 by The Associated Press

    GRAY SUMMIT (AP) - The Missouri Botanical Garden hopes Franklin County zoning officials will think twice about allowing a concrete plant to be built near its nature preserve.

    The Shaw Nature Reserve covers 2,400 acres and is a haven for hikers and bird watchers. (More)

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    Proposed Power Lines Spark Debate Across Mid-Missouri

    Posted 12:46 AM 2/21/2014 by Meg McLeod, KOMU 8 Reporter

    MONROE COUNTY - A proposed $2 billion energy project is electrifying conversation across rural mid-Missouri towns. Though the initiative could bring an assortment of infrastructure to the state, some mid-Missourians say that infrastructure is at the expense of landowners.


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    Columbia Water and Light to Consider Adding More Wind Power

    Posted 7:29 AM 2/12/2014 by Mary Kate Burgess, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLUMBIA- The Columbia Water and Light Advisory Board will meet at 8 a.m. Wednesday to discuss the possibility of a contract that would allow the department to purchase a wind turbine farm near Columbia.

    Communications Specialist Connie Kacprowicz said the turbine farm would allow Columbia (More)

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    Proposed Ordinance Could Require Columbia Restaurants to Recycle

    Posted 6:44 PM 1/27/2014 by Mary Kate Burgess, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLUMBIA - A proposed ordinance by the Vision Commission to the Columbia City Council could require local restaurants and bars to recycle glass and plastic. 

    The Vision Commission met Monday night to discuss the proposed ordinance and what it could do for the city.

    "It's a way (More)

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    Columbia Plans To Test Renewable Energy

    Posted 4:42 PM 12/30/2013 by Paige Hornor, KOMU 8 News Reporter

    COLUMBIA - After three years of work, Nancy Heimann will soon see if the biomass fuel she makes is something the city can use. Biomass is made from materials such as coffee grounds, wood chips, corn refuse and grasses. The city will be testing to see if these materials can burn in the Columbia (More)

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    Energy Saving Ways For Holiday Lights

    Posted 3:00 AM 12/17/2013 by Catie Laylin, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLUMBIA - ‘Tis the season for holiday lights and decorations. For Ryan Schultz, decorating his house in Christmas lights is a yearly tradition.

    "I'm a big fan of Christmas so more is better, Schultz said. "So I keep adding something new every single year." Schultz (More)

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    Religious Organizations Growing with Green Trends

    Posted 11:01 PM 11/16/2013 by Catie Laylin, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLUMBIA - At an October service at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbia (UUCC), several churchgoers are sitting, listening to the sermon, singing to the songs and laughing at jokes. That day's service revolves all around one topic: the environment. The church has a Green (More)

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