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    Local High Schooler Goes Green By Recycling Computers into Jewelry

    Posted 1:29 PM 11/15/2012 by Amy Couch

    COLUMBIA -  Fourteen year-old Taylor Burghard grew up around computer technologies since her parents own a local Apple retail store, MacXperts. So, it was only natural for Taylor to become another technological entrepreneur, making her own line of jewelry from recycled Apple computer (More)

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    Local Store Stays Ahead of Curve with Green Approach

    Posted 12:03 AM 11/12/2012 by Karl Roskamp

    COLUMBIA - One local store is getting greener by tackling more than grass stains.

    The dry cleaner uses a cleaning product to remove soils and stains, but doesn't provide the same risk to the environment as traditional petroleum-based cleaners.

    "We think this is something that will (More)

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    Going Green for Halloween

    Posted 8:56 PM 10/30/2012 by Marisa Breese

    COLUMBIA - On Halloween the only things to fear are small witches, ghosts, and miniature Incredible Hulks roaming the streets. But after the holiday is over, there's something even scarier, environmental concerns.

    Many of us will put away our costumes, that in many cases, will just sit and (More)

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    Free Range Eggs Hold Health Benefits Over Commercial Foes

    Posted 7:35 PM 10/29/2012 by Karl Roskamp

    COLUMBIA - Sometimes our hobbies grow into a passion and Carl Korschgen is no exception.

    Korschgen, a former ornithologist with two degrees in zoology, started raising chickens five years ago and now has way more than he can eat.

    "We have not bought eggs from the grocery store in (More)

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    Mo. Farmers Harvest Corn Early in Drought

    Mo. Farmers Harvest Corn Early in Drought

    Posted 3:45 PM 10/25/2012 by Amy Couch

    CALLAWAY COUNTY - Missouri corn farmers lost 45 percent of their crop this year to the intense effects of the drought. Because of the dry and hot weather conditions in the summer months, the corn crops germinated earlier and therefore farmers have already harvested two weeks earlier more (More)

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    A Garden That Does More Than Just Dress Up Your Yard

    Posted 1:59 PM 10/23/2012 by Marisa Breese

    COLUMBIA - A week after the 40th anniversary of the Clean Water Act, communities are still looking for ways to solve the problem of dirty creeks, streams and rivers. An increasing number of urban areas means more buildings and parking lots, and less places for storm water runoff to go after a (More)

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    Columbia Man Becomes Energy Efficiency Star

    Posted 3:14 PM 10/22/2012 by Karl Roskamp

    COLUMBIA - One Columbia man is making his house greener, literally and figuratively.

    Hoyt DeVane slapped olive green paint onto his home Monday morning. Houses he saw in Italy inspired the yellow and green color scheme. The green paint also reflects his efforts to maximize the efficiency (More)

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    Columbia Prepares for Hinkson Creek Cleanup

    Posted 2:17 PM 10/18/2012 by Amy Couch

    COLUMBIA - The city of Columbia is getting a jump start on its 9th Annual Hinkson Clean Sweep. Volunteers had to sign up by Wednesday to pick up trash at 15 sites in the watershed region. The program is (More)

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    Green Roofs at New Patient Care Tower Will Provide More Than a Good View

    Posted 3:55 PM 10/16/2012 by Marisa Breese

    COLUMBIA -  Construction on top of the new Ellis Fischel Cancer Center is about more than just going green; it also benefits those who spend time in the facility.

    Green roofs will top the new center to help the environment and provide patients with a better view.

    The roofs will (More)

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    Honey Harvesters' Haul Hurt by Heat

    Posted 10:15 AM 10/15/2012 by Karl Roskamp

    COLUMBIA - Beekeepers have the unenviable task of facing thousands of stingers to get honey, and it's not getting any easier.

    The scorching summer dried up water supplies and limited the amount of nectar flowers produced. Without nectar, bees can't make honey, which caused a steep drop off (More)

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    MU Builds New Wind Turbine for Student Research

    Posted 12:53 PM 10/11/2012 by Amy Couch

    COLUMBIA - A new tower has popped up on the University of Missouri's campus, part of the campus's Climate Action Plan to use less fossil fuel energy.. The 100-foot wind turbine is located next to the Hearnes Center near Stadium Boulevard.

     The University spent $360,000 to build the (More)

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    Missourians Benefit from Cheap Solar Power

    Posted 2:17 PM 10/9/2012 by Marisa Breese

    JEFFERSON CITY - Missourians are looking to the sky for cheap, renewable energy and some experts think solar power just might be the answer.

    "I like to say that the sun is the only nuclear reactor we need, and it's 93 million miles away. Very safe, clean energy that's going to last (More)

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