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    Peach crop suffers from bad weather

    Posted 5:34 PM 7/15/2014 by Lauren Donovan, KOMU 8 Reporter

    BOONVILLE- Bruce Arnett, owner of Peach Tree Farms and other peach farmers around the state of Missouri are in the midst of one of the lowest crop yields in years. 

    Coming off two bumper years Arnett says he was fortunate enough to keep the orchard running for customers this (More)

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    Hog farm opponents hand over petition in hopes of new ordinance

    Posted 6:52 PM 7/14/2014 by James Packard, KOMU 8 Reporter

    FULTON - The leader of the neighborhood group fighting a proposed hog facility met with Callaway County commissioners Monday to officially hand over the group's petition aimed at keeping the Eichelberger Farms out of the area. 

    Jeff Jones handed over a petition containing 1,371 (More)

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    Oil found in soil in Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area

    Posted 3:06 PM 7/14/2014 by Jordan Locke, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLUMBIA - Construction crews of Magellan Midstream Partners found an oil leak last week in Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area.

    Crews are putting in a new natural gas pipeline below the Missouri River.

    Missouri Department of Natural Resources said there is an old (More)

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    Roundup-resistant weeds trouble Midwestern farmers

    Roundup-resistant weeds trouble Midwestern farmers

    Posted 3:06 PM 7/13/2014 by The Associated Press

    ELSBERRY, Mo. (AP) - The emergence of weeds resistant to a popular herbicide is causing headaches for Midwestern farmers, forcing them to change how they manage weeds after years of spray-it-and-forget-it simplicity.

    The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports weed experts say half the nation's (More)

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    EPA chief defends proposed clean water rules

    EPA chief defends proposed clean water rules

    Posted 3:24 PM 7/10/2014 by The Associated Press

    KANSAS CITY (AP) - The head of the Environmental Protection Agency insists efforts to clarify her agency's jurisdiction under the Clean Water Act won't result in tighter farm regulations.

    EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy told the Kansas City Agribusiness Council on Thursday that (More)

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    Hinkson Creek progress impresses EPA and DNR officials

    Posted 8:06 PM 7/9/2014 by Jacob Jones, KOMU 8 News Reporter

    COLUMBIA - Members of the Hinkson Creek Collaborative Adaptive Management (CAM) Stakeholder Committee presented a progress report on the plan to improve the creek's water quality Wednesday evening.

    Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Karl Brooks said the creek has shown (More)

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    Missouri Department of Conservation to hold deer management forum

    Posted 1:16 PM 7/9/2014 by Alexandra Pierce, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLUMBIA - The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) will hold a deer management open house Wednesday.

    The goal of the forum is to discuss deer management with citizens.  This is one of a series of open houses being held by the department.

    There will be booths set up that (More)

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    EPA: No health impact from coal ash at Mo. lake

    EPA: No health impact from coal ash at Mo. lake

    Posted 9:35 AM 7/9/2014 by The Associated Press

    CRYSTAL CITY (AP) - The Environmental Protection Agency says testing confirms that a lake in eastern Missouri is safe.

    Rotary Drilling Supply Inc. settled with the EPA last year in a case that required the company to cap a site near Crystal City where tons of coal ash had been dumped. The (More)

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    Net Zero House Taking Longer Than Expected

    Posted 7:06 PM 7/1/2014 by Andrew Kauffman, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLUMBIA - Work is running behind schedule on a house under construction designed to operate with no net cost for heating and cooling. The city of Columbia teamed up with Habitat for Humanity and Peoples' Visioning last summer to build a "net zero" house at 413 West Ash Street that can sustain (More)

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  • Coverage From Callaway

    New Nuclear Vessel Helps Callaway County Stay Green

    Posted 6:49 AM 6/12/2014 by Shale Remien, KOMU 8 News

    FULTON -  A nuclear reactor vessel head has arrived in Mid-Missouri and will be unveiled late Monday morning.

    This multi-million dollar piece of equipment provides energy at Ameren's Missouri Callaway Energy Center.

    Ameren is a holding company for several power companies and (More)

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    Water and Light to Review Annual Water Quality Report

    Posted 2:36 AM 6/4/2014 by Catherine Wilkins, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLUMBIA - Columbia Water and Light will discuss the quality of water in Columbia at a meeting this morning.

    The Water and Light Advisory Board will review the 2014 Water Quality Report. The United States Environmental Protection Agency's Safe Drinking Water Act (More)

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    Electric-Powered Bus Fuels Discussion On Mid-Missouri Campus

    Posted 8:25 PM 6/3/2014 by Alyssa Strickland, KOMU 8 Reporter

    ROLLA- April will see the opening on a Missouri college campus of the first-ever campus shuttle bus and it's powered by electricity.

    Students at the Missouri University of Science and Technology can reduce their carbon footprints thanks to public transportation, but the new bus itself is (More)

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