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    Residents urge new council members to focus on roads, development

    Posted 4:26 PM 4/20/2015 by Bailey Harbit, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLUMBIA - Two new city council members will take part in their first official meeting Monday.

    Clyde Ruffin and Elizabeth Peters will serve as the First and Sixth Ward city council members. They were sworn in during a ceremony April 14. 

    KOMU 8 News went out on the streets of (More)

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    City Council to hear proposed school discipline guidelines

    Posted 4:19 PM 4/20/2015 by Jessica Mensch, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLUMBIA - The City Council will hear a proposal Monday that aims to make disciplinary measures in Columbia Public Schools more uniform.

    The "Memorandum of Understanding" is an agreement between (More)

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    MU updates emergency alert system

    Posted 4:14 PM 4/20/2015 by Lina Young, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLUMBIA -While the University of Missouri's emergency alert system was more thorough during a weekend robbery, some people are still unhappy with the way MU authorities notified people of events Sunday morning. 

    Following the robbery that took place on Hamilton Way on MU's campus (More)

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    MUPD makes arrest after sexual assaults on Mizzou campus

    MUPD makes arrest after sexual assaults on Mizzou campus

    Posted 4:11 PM 4/20/2015 by Kelly Skehen, KOMU 8 Digital Reporter

    COLUMBIA - University police arrested Luke Kezekia Kuol, 19, on charges of third-degree assault Monday in connection with multiple sexual assaults on the MU campus Saturday.

    According to police, Kuol and five other men approached two females near Memorial Union, grabbed them and attempted (More)

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    Owner watches burglars steal Range Rover later found at McDonald's

    Posted 4:02 PM 4/20/2015 by Lila Gross, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLUMBIA - Police discovered a stolen Range Rover at the McDonald's on Business Loop 70 Monday, more than a day after the owner saw it being driven away from his home.

    Stuart Atwood said it happened after he arrived his house on Ross Street around 2 a.m. Sunday morning.

    "Our house (More)

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    State moves in different direction than Columbia on recent bills

    Posted 3:56 PM 4/20/2015 by Collin Ruane, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLUMBIA - As the legislative session continues, a growing number of bills appear to go against different proposals the Columbia City Council votes on or discusses.

    Bills that have gained attention in the past few weeks center on plastic bags, "Ban the Box" ordinances in Missouri cities (More)

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    Columbia Citizens Police Review Board to release report on police

    Posted 3:29 PM 4/20/2015 by Collin Ruane, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLUMBIA - The Columbia Citizens Police Review Board is set to present a new report at Monday night's city council meeting.

    As part of the board's yearly requirement, it will provide a supplement to the Columbia Police Department's 2014 annual internal affairs report. The police department (More)

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    Groups work to improve academic standards for Missouri students

    Posted 1:48 PM 4/20/2015 by Melody Myers, KOMU 8 News

    JEFFERSON CITY- Missouri educators and parents gathered Monday morning to discuss possible recommendations for current and future academic standards for public schools.

    Education standards work groups gathered to discuss and recommend academic performance standards in English/language (More)

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    Missouri Pay It Forward assists Columbia homeless organization

    Posted 1:15 PM 4/20/2015 by Hanna Yates, KOMU 8 Reporter

    COLUMBIA - Missouri Pay It Forward gathered donations Monday to support a small local organization. 

    Missouri Pay It Forward Founder Sylvia Sprinkle delivered a truckload of necessities to the Turning Point organization. 

    Sprinkle was able to handout more than 30 donated (More)

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    Affordable Care Act contractor logs 13,000 hours in overtime

    Affordable Care Act contractor logs 13,000 hours in overtime

    Posted 1:01 PM 4/20/2015 by The Associated Press

    WENTZVILLE (AP) - Documents show a Wentzville processing facility for Affordable Care Act applications logged more than 13,000 hours of overtime to make up for a computer backlog after the initial sign-up period.

    The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports documents show workers at the facility (More)

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    Weekly Wellness: It's time to step it up

    Posted 12:41 PM 4/20/2015 by Amanda Barnes, KOMU 8 Wellness Coach

    COLUMBIA - You're a walker. That's what you do. You get your 10,000 steps in every day. YAY, YOU!! That is FANTASTIC! Because you're getting stronger from all those walks.

    Lately, you've started wondering how you can make your walks different? Maybe a little more intense? Whether you (More)

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    Columbia mom laces up for 2015 Boston Marathon

    Posted 12:17 PM 4/20/2015 by Lee Anne Denyer, KOMU 8 Reporter

    BOSTON - A Columbia mom, and now Boston Marathon finisher, Heather Cox celebrated completing the historic race alongside family and friends Monday afternoon.

    Cox ran the 119th marathon with fellow Columbia runners Haley Schwarz and Anne Sievers, and 30,000 others from around the world. (More)

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    Kansas City police increase security for Mayor Sly James

    Kansas City police increase security for Mayor Sly James

    Posted 10:38 AM 4/20/2015 by The Associated Press and James Packard, KOMU 8 Digital Producer

    KANSAS CITY (AP) - Kansas City police have increased security for Mayor Sly James after he received a threat through his campaign website.

    KSHB-TV in Kansas City reports James received death threats and police were stationed outside his home.

    Chief Forte with the Kansas City Police (More)

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