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COLUMBIA - Projections about Hurricane Irene's destruction saw the average gas price jump up 13 cents per gallon in Missouri, according to new statistics released Monday. The same information said the average per gallon last week was $3.51, still ten cents below than the national average. 

James Bishop takes pride in his high-performance sports car. He watches what he puts into it, and that's why he puts 94 octane into his tank. He says using a higher-grade and higher priced gasoline keeps him from noticing price shifts.

"I only use 94 octane. I don't really look at the price, I just pay whatever it happens to be when I fill up my car. Gasoline is cheaper than buying things for my car." Bishop said if he paid less for gasoline, he would spend the savings on exra additions to his auto.

Also Monday, some outlets reported the damage to oil refinieries on the East Coast was less severe than expected, an outcome that could lead to a drop in gas prices in the coming weeks.

Those changes cannot come soon enough for Josephine Johnson, who says filling up is a daily ritual because of her work as a parole and probation officer.

"I have to fill up every day. At one time I worked 2 or 3 jobs just to make everything work." She said the scarifice of working long hours is worth it, for the rewards it brings.

"To have a house, a car, all of those things, sacrifices must be made."