2013 Allergy Season Expected To Be Worse Than Normal

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COLUMBIA - Sniffling and sneezing came earlier this year and is expected to last later than in past years. 2013 has started off to be a bad year for those affected by seasonal allergies. Pollen and mold counts have measured as much as five times higher than this time last year. Allergy experts say the extreme moisture at the end of the winter season and high temperature have made been prime conditions for higher pollen and mold counts. 

Doctor Robert Zitsch with University Hospital in Columbia said allergies can be debilitating for a number of reasons and if someone is symptomatic they should consider seeing a doctor. "If you know you have allergies, you shouldn't wait to get treatment until it is bad," Zitsch said.

Zitch also said it is not uncommon for people to develop allergy symptoms later in life. If someone suffers from allergy symptoms, some experts recommend wearing large sunglasses to keep pollen out of eyes, or if symptoms are really bad, it could also be beneficial to add a dust mask.