6-year-old coach

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FULTON - Boys love to imitate their dad. But most don't go to the degree 6-year-old Luke Chapla does. His dad, Dan Chapla, is the head coach of the women's basketball team at William Woods and at home games. Luke is right there by his side. 

"We call him coach Lukie," Dan Chapla said. "He travels with me quite a bit and goes on the bench occasionally."

Luke said he has five different suits to choose from. But he's not the one deciding what he wears. 

"My wife tries to dress us alike. I don't have much say in that," Dan Chapla said. 

Luke enjoys being by the players his dad coaches. He said, to him, that's the biggest thrill about coaching.

"It's fun to sit by the players. That's why I like to sit on the bench," Luke said. 

It's not all fun and games, though. Luke said coaching can take a lot out of a person.

"It's hard to coach sometimes, but I just like coaching with my dad," Luke said. "Sometimes it's easy, but sometimes it's not. Sometimes we lose, but it's a hard job."

Neither knows how long Luke will be on the sidelines, but his dad just wants everyone to enjoy the time he's there with them. 

"Probably in a few years, he won't want to do that anymore, but we're going to keep him there while we can," Dan Chapla said. 

Luke said he wants to continue coaching in the future. To other young coaches, he has a few words of advice.

"I would just say 'then be one if you want to. Just sign up. And you'll be one if your coach gets you on the team.'"