8 On Your Money: New Company Offers Unique Service

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COLUMBIA - A new and unique delivery service is providing customers a convenient way to get their groceries.

Bill Spires founded "Anything Delivery" in January of this year, as a way to provide a personal custom delivery service in Columbia. He said the idea started because of a personal desire.

""Well, one night I didn't want to go out, I was like, wouldn't it be great if I could just call somebody and be able to get something? And that's basically how it started," said Spires.

Spires started the business without any sort of loan, at a time when many small businesses are taking out Small Business Administration, or SBA, loans.

According to the SBA, Boone County financial institutions issued more than $20 million in loans in 2010. A sharp increase in comparison with the $5.8 million issued in 2009.

Spires said he has tried to avoid taking out loans.

"Im a old school type of guy," said Spires, "Don't spend money unless you have it."

Anything Delivery's web site