A Club "Shirley" Bonded by Their Name

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WARRENTON - The women of the Shirley Club are connected by seven letters, and not the ones on their fortune cookies.

"Now is the time to tell loved ones at a distance. Share your news. What's your news? That I met with the Shirleys today. What could be better?" Shirley Struttman, Shirley Club member, said.

The Shirley Club has t-shirts, nametags, a quarterly newsletter and business cards. The Shirleys spent their lifetime volunteering for their church, family or PTA. So for this club the only thing pressing is fun.

"We're all sitting around the table and we're all talking and I'm looking this way and that way thinking they're talking to me and they're talking to each other," Shirley Ann Rose, Shirley Club Founder, said.

Shirls meet monthly for lunch. If your name is not Shirley you can wear a nametag that says "Shirley for a day" or you can wear a shirt that says "I'm with Shirley."

"I take care of my mother. I keep up my subdivision roads. I take care of my sister and grandkids. My husband passed away a few years ago so this is a chance for me to get out and to know people who are basically my age," Shirley David, club member, said.

The Shirl girls celebrate birthdays. They may not know if their fortunes will come true. But one thing's for sure, these Shirls just want to have fun. Go to Sarah Hill's Facebook page to find out how to join.