Access Arts Holds Public Workshops

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COLUMBIA - Access Arts held two public workshops Saturday for members of the community to make personalized mugs at the Access Arts campus on McAlester Street. 

Twelve students, ages ranging from five years old to late sixties, made mugs in the first workshop. Students paid 15 dollars to register, and the money will go into funding for the school.

According to volunteer instructor Kelli McKeown, Access Arts is a non-profit organization serves students with various limitations, including but not limited to students with disabilities. The school also helps bring art to students of varying socioeconomic backgrounds.

Access Arts offers formal classes in various media including pottery, jewelry making and weaving in six-week sessions, public workshops and lock-ins, an artists in residence program and outreach programs where instructors go to places in the community to teach about art. Due to low enrollment and a decrease in grants, Access Arts has already had to cut a few of the outreach efforts including one for Hickman High school.

McKeown said she believes Access Arts is important because art is a form of healing both physically and for the soul.

Students in the first workshop included a girl who had a form of cancer in her brain and a five-year-old boy who survived the tornado in Joplin.

Many students plan to give the mugs they made to loved ones for the holidays. Access Arts will hold another workshop on Saturday, Dec. 10.