Activists attend McCaskill town hall while calling out Blunt

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ASHLAND - Senator Claire McCaskill is hosting public town hall meetings with constituents in mid-Missouri, but some say they wish they could hear from Senator Roy Blunt. 

Missouri Jobs with Justice members hosted a healthcare rally Wednesday to "call out" Blunt. Activist Maureen McDonald said Blunt is hiding from them.

"He doesn't show up," McDonald said. "We have no access to him to discuss with him. There's a feeling that he just doesn't care if he won't even talk to us."

KOMU 8 News reached out to Senator Blunt about the healthcare rally. 

"My hope is that we will be able to find common ground on solutions that address the needs of Missourians and create a more stable and reliable health care system," Blunt said.

Activists called the proposed healthcare bill, wealthcare. 

"It's not going toward the poor for a tax cut," McDonald said. "It's going toward the millionaires and billionaires for a tax cut."

A parent with a child with a costly birth defect discussed how lifetime caps would effect his family. A physician spoke about the importance of Medicaid in rural communities.

Dr. Bridget Early, a physician who runs a practice in Ashland said cutting Medicaid will cost lives.

“Cutting Medicaid will jeopardize my clinic and many other rural clinics that are on the front lines of the opioid epidemic,” she said.

Following the rally, constituents attended McCaskill's town hall meeting where she answered questions on issues such as Planned Parenthood, voter ID requirement, alternative energy sources and the Paris Agreement.

"We should not have gotten out of the Paris accord," McCaskill said.

Healthcare was also a hot topic for the town hall meeting.

"Nobody is going to overwork me on this issue," McCaskill said. "I'm going to keep working on this to make sure it's not just a major tax cut."

McDonald said McCaskill is vocal about where she stands on issues.

"She's concerned for us and she cares about what happens to us," McDonald said.