Ashland Villa Resident Shares Gardening Talent

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BOONE COUNTY - An experienced carpenter and gardener, 91-year-old Estill Rice has used his talent to spruce up the grounds of the Ashland Villa assisted living center.  People can walk through the doors of the lobby and catch a glimpse of the beautiful garden blooming in the courtyard.  

Ashland Villa Administrator Ellen McBride recently decided that the garden in the courtyard should be expanded and that was when she set resident Rice to the task.  Rice was more than willing to accept the challenge and began growing plants in his room under a growing light before they were ready to be planted outside.

 The beauty displayed by the array of elephant ears and magnolias that he has planted is not the garden's only advantage.  Rice has also planted produce such as tomotoes, corn, zucchini, and black eyed peas that feed many of the residents.

Although the garden only took about a week for Rice to complete, he maintains that it is an ongoing process and he spends an hour and a half watering the plants every morning.  Rice's pride and dedication to the garden is very apparent and he welcomes any visitors who wish to see it.