Aspen Heights Completely Finished After Two Month Delay

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COLUMBIA - The last group of residents moved in to Aspen Heights Saturday, more than two months later than they expected. Some residents found they were not moving into the home they had originally requested.

"I'm extremely unsatisfied with my current situation," resident Christopher Buechner said. "I signed up for a four person house and this is a 3 person triplex. So instead of having my own house I now live with 9 other people and that's kind of a let down."

Buechner was forced to move into The Grove housing development in August after he learned his house at Aspen Heights had not yet been built. 600 other residents faced the same problem.

Dawn Buechner, Christopher's mother, said Aspen Heights failed to fully cover the expenses of moving from the Grove to the new home in Aspen Heights.

"They gave us gift cards, which actually we couldn't even use because they only work for certain things," Dawn Buechner said. "So they sorta reimbursed us indirectly."

Aspen Heights also refused to allow residents without homes to break their leases.

"When they did tell us we couldn't move in we immediately said we wanted to get out of our lease and they refused and that seemed really unfair," Dawn Buechner said. "We can't understand how they could have made such a momentous error in their planning"

Aspen Heights could not be reached for a comment on this story.