Aspen Heights Not Ready for Many Residents to Move In

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COLUMBIA - Tenants of the new Aspen Heights student housing development are scheduled to begin moving in Wednesday, but many of them won't be able to do so for quite some time.

Construction workers still have a lot of work to do. Many of the buildings are little more than wooden frames, and the streets running through the complex are still covered with dirt and construction equipment.

Some future residents took to Facebook to express their displeasure. They claimed Aspen Heights only notified them a few days before they were scheduled to move in that their units would not be ready in time. Others complained that Aspen Heights still expects them to pay their first rent installment even though they have nowhere to live.

Aspen Heights sent an email to its tenants Tuesday apologizing for the delays in construction and promising to complete the work and get residents moved in as quickly as possible.

Aspen Heights also wrote in the email that it has been looking "to offer an off-site location for those needing a place to live at the beginning of August."