Baby Bonanza Brings in Kids, Freebies and Parental Resources

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JEFFERSON CITY - More than 300 people came out to the Capitol Plaza Hotel Sunday for the 3rd annual Baby Bonanza.

"There are so many local resources all here in one place where they can see what's available and be prepared for what's out there," OBGYN Dr. Jodi Berendzen said.

The favorite event of the day was the crawling contest. Two red racetracks let the kids crawl to toys, their moms and victory. The crowds cheered the babies on and Organizer Heather Feeler was the emcee.

"There are multiple heats throughout the day and I just found out that you can register your baby over and over so if you're not pleased with the first act, then you can come back and do it again," Berendzen said.

Aside from the entertainment, the event had booths with hosts from across the area giving advice and freebies to parents or soon-to-be parents. Exhibit booths included local pediatricians, baby stores, savings programs, breastfeeding education, photography, chiropractic care, baby food, education toys and more.

There were four information sessions throughout the day including "Daddy Boot Camp" where dads talked with each other about having a baby. Others included a fitness demonstration for moms and babies, a presentation on Labor and Delivery 101 and "Vitamin K and Vaccines" given by a St. Mary's Pediatrics Clinic doctor.

Baby Bonanza also gave away several door prizes that sparked a lot of interest. The prizes were things like gift cards for prenatal massages.

"Every year we continue to grow with the number of vendors that we have and the number of participants and visitors," Berendzen said. "So every year is growing."