Battle's McQuitty tries basketball

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COLUMBIA - It's not every day that an all-state selection tries a new sport for the first time. This is the case with Jaevon McQuitty. 

The first team all state selection wide receiver has already received five scholarship offers, including four from Big Ten schools. 

But, this winter Jaevon McQuitty decided to join the basketball team. McQuitty had never played an organized game of basketball until this year. In that game, McQuitty received four fouls fairly quickly.

"In the first game I had like four fouls and I was just confused because my coaches were telling me to be physical, and my physical is different from the basketball physical," McQuitty said.

Battle coach John Burns had been trying to get Jaevon on the team since the first time he saw Jaevon play football.

"He said he didn't really want. He said "all I can do is rebound and play defense," I said perfect thats' all I need. So, this year he said hey coach I'm gunna come out for basketball and I said no your not, I thought he was joking with me."

Jaevon has started every game for the Spartans thus far this season, and is getting more comfortable with every practice. 

McQuitty has plans to graduate school early, so he likely won't be playing basketball next year.