Better Business Bureau Warns About Online Exotic Bird Scam

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COLUMBIA - Online shoppers beware. The Better Business Bureau released a report Monday about a website falsly selling exotic birds.

The BBB reported the website called offers exotic birds at a heavily discounted price. The buyer sends payments for the bird to St. Louis and an international address, then someone representing the site contacts the buyer asking for additional money to clear the bird from transit restrictions. The buyer then waits as the bird never arrives.

The site is convincing to buyers because of it's professional look. It offers a variety of different birds with all kinds of features. The BBB believes it's been successful because it has a buyer safety page that warns shoppers of fraudalent sites.

The BBB warns online shoppers to check the accountability of the seller, don't send money to addresses overseas, and avoid prices that are too afforadable. The release also said this scam shares similarities to the ones involving the purchasing of purebread puppies. There have been no victims of this scam reported so far in mid-Missouri.