Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission Approves Sidewalk Projects

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COLUMBIA - The Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission met Wednesday to discuss four proposed sidewalk projects. The proposed streets were Locust St., Elleta Blvd., North Garth Avenue near Worley St., and the intersection at Clinkscales Road and Worley St.

The sidewalks will each undergo different maintenance including sidewalk widening, pedestrian cross walk modifications, and the creation of new sidewalks all together.

The project also includes fixing the ramps of some curbs to make sure they are easily wheel chair accessible.

Public Works did a study to see which areas in Columbia needed sidewalk maintainance the most.

"We work with city planning and Public Works frequently to manage these sorts of things," said David Heise Chair of the Commission.

The projects are budgeted into the 2014 fiscal year. The plan is to have them completed by 2015.