Bicyclists protests bill requiring 15-foot tall flagpole on bikes

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JEFFERSON CITY - Bicyclists circled around the Capitol building Saturday and Sunday to protest a bill requiring cyclists to attach a pole rising 15 feet with a fluorescent flag to their bikes.

Representative Jay Houghton, R-Martinsburg is pushing a bill that would require the flags.

Some bicyclists disagree and say it's unnecessary. 

"A 15 foot flag is hazardous to bicyclists and everyone around them," ride protest organizer David Rice said. "I want lawmakers to consider positive legislation instead, such as 3 feet when passing, or change lanes to pass."

The protest group said it wants to bring attention to bicyclists deaths caused by other motorists. The goal is to ride 98 miles, each mile representing a cyclist killed since 2000.

The group started riding Saturday morning at 8 and will finish Sunday. Their protest comes a day before Bicyclists and Pedestrian Day on April 11.