Biking around the Columbia area to celebrate National Ice Cream Day

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Parks and Recreation and GetAbout Columbia got a group of mid-Missouri residents together to bike a 20-mile route, stopping at various ice cream shops along the way. 

Janet Godon, the GetAbout Columbia planner, said the event is a great way to show people in the area where there are great spots to ride.

"This is the second annual National Ice Cream Day bicycle crawl and we are just doing it to celebrate the day and then we also like to introduce bicycle infrastructure to cyclists in our communities. So we show people where the trails connect to bicycle-friendly streets," Godon said. 

Ride leader Noah Medling said GetAbout Columbia is doing events like this one all summer to get people in the area out and on their bikes. 

"I think we are averaging about one every two weeks over the summer and it just seemed like a good fit to have ice cream on the ride that was on the day of ice cream day," Medling said.

Last year the route was slightly different; the group stopped at six locations. This year hot weather cut their trip short.

The ice cream stores they went to were Baskin Robbins, Randy's, and finally Sparky's. 

Godon kept the motto of the event short and sweet.

"It's pedal, eat ice cream, repeat," Godon said.

 [Editor's Note: This story has been updated to reflect a change in the bicyclists' route.]