Bill Would Allow Babysitters, House Guests to Use Deadly Force

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COLUMBIA - Residents are allowed to protect themselves and their families by using deadly force if necessary but a new bill would broaden that law to include babysitters and house guests or anyone you invite into your home. House Bill 2126 states anyone who enters the home with the owner's permission would then have the right to use forcible and deadly harm to protect the residence.

Some mothers are worried about the possibility of the bill passing, including Melody Langham. She's a mother of two.

"We don't even have a gun in our house right now. I would never want my babysitter to bring one around my kids. I don't even know how to shoot a gun so how can I trust they do?" said Langham.

Supporters of the bill say it extends basic self protection rights to those invited on private property.

The House passed changes to the bill April 24 with an overwhelming majority and now it's moved to the Senate. The Senate held a public hearing May 5, but no further hearings have been set as of yet.