Blaze Behind Boone County Fire Station Could be Arson

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COLUMBIA - The Boone County Fire Protection District told KOMU 8 News Wednesday a 10-15 acres fire behind the the department's Fire Station Number 1 on St. Charles Road may have been arson.  Around 12:30 Wednesday afternoon, sheriff's deputies in the area informed fire officials of the fire.

Boone County Fire Lieutenant Martina Pounds said the fire spread very quickly due to dry grass, piles of wood and trees, and high winds.  She says arson could be a cause because it is unusual for a pile of brush to randomly catch on fire in the middle of a field.  

The department issued two "all-calls" to the scene. Six fire trucks and one city unit reported to the fire.  Officials' first concern was structure control to ensure the fire station, surrounding businesses, and neighborhoods did not catch fire. 

Pounds said it took crews an hour to contain the fire.  Firefighters were still working as of 2:30 pm Wednesday to ensure the fire didn't reignite due to thick brush, trees, and uneven ground,

An investigation is currently underway to determine the definite cause of the fire.  Pounds told KOMU 8 News she will conduct interviews of nearby homes to see if they anyone saw anything suspicious.

Residents in the area did not lose power, but the department did receive reports that cable and phones were unable to be used.