Board considering plans for new Ashland City Hall

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ASHLAND - New plans are up for Ashland's city hall after months of using a temporary location for the Board of Alderman meetings.

Dave Westhoff proposed a plan for a new city hall Tuesday night. The board meetings are currently being held at the Southern Boone Fire Protection District Training Facility. Ashland's mayor said the current city hall is too small and isn't capable of providing what city members need to operate.

"To provide for the future of Ashland, we need to probably think about a new city hall for the next 30 years or more," Mayor Gene Rhorer said. "Our current city hall just does not suit those needs."

The current hall has had a roof replacement and repairs to the facade, and the files from the file room have been moved to Columbia due to lack of space. The last proposal for a new city hall was never approved and would have cost the city over $1 million.

Also during the meeting, the mayor made reappointments to city positions, including Police Chief Lyn Woolford, City Prosecutor Jeffrey Kays, and City Clerk Darla Sapp. The mayor said he saw no reason to make any changes to the staff.

"Those folks have done a great job in the previous year," Rhorer said. "I see no need for change, the citizens feel quite comfortable with who we have in place now, and those folks do an outstanding job for the city of Ashland."

The board of aldermen will review the proposal for the new city hall in the upcoming weeks and will move forward from there.