Boone County fair begins today in Sturgeon

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STURGEON —The Boone County Fair kicks off in Sturgeon on Tuesday. The first event of the fair is a family fun night. The event includes a carnival with food and rides for kids of all ages.

This is Sturgeon’s first year hosting the fair, and the residents are excited to have their city be the home for a rich Boone County tradition. Derek Strawn said he thinks people will still come out to the fair.

“Moving locations really will hurt the attendance, but I think people will still show up because the Boone County Fair is important for the county, and it’s been around since 1835, so it’s kind of a tradition now,” Strawn said.

Strawn also said the community has been working hard to prepare for the event. 

“The fair board members have already put countless hours in out here to set these tents up, get this building ready to show in and just keep this fair around for the kids,” Strawn said.

Sturgeon mayor Gene Kelly said he thinks it means a lot to the people of Sturgeon to get the chance to show off their city.

“I think for the most part, it's going over real well, and I hope it stays that way for the rest of the week,” Kelly said.

The Boone County Fair will run from Tuesday, July 19 until Sunday, July 24. For a complete calendar of events, visit the Boone County Fair website.